Friday, November 27, 2009

It’s Black Friday!

Ok… just got back in to my place after spending a couple of nights at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving.  My poor mom – she broke her ankle a few days ago… and is having a tough time (to say the least) getting around now!  LOL!  She doesn’t even have her ‘real’ cast yet… just a temp one till all of the swelling goes down.


We had a lot of fun though… and it was kind of nice in some ways for my mom to be ‘immobile’ --- it gave all of the rest of us a chance to do all of the cooking, cleaning up, and serving for a change!  My mom deserves a LOT more of that!  (Just preferably without the broken leg part! LOL!)

The kids enjoyed putting together some cupcake turkeys:


Here’s Ty eyeing his… with a HUNGRY eye!  Hee hee hee…


I would love to say I came up with the turkey cupcake idea all on my own… but I didn’t!  If you would like to see how to make them (they are SOOOOOO easy) just click HERE to check it out!

Ryan had fun putting together the big ‘map of the United States’ puzzle (over and over again). 


Well… we’re home now… and Matt is going to be busy setting up our new GIGANTIC flat screen TV!  He took advantage of the Black Friday deals… and our TV was dying anyway… so… we HAD to right??? LOL!  I am NOT good at setting those things up… I am leaving that ALL to him!  Wahahaha!

Speaking of Black Friday deals…

Kim B. has some GREAT deals for you TODAY!!!!  Did you miss out on her 50% off birthday sale???? Well.. you are in luck!  She has her store on a 50% sale AGAIN today only!!!


AND she has another amazing CU grab bag too!


AND she has a FANTASTIC new Christmas themed kit!!! Woohoo!


kb-merryandbright_01_LRG_thumb[1] kb-merryandbright_02_LRG_thumb[1]

This cute kit is ONLY $2.50 for the weekend!!!! Hurry!!!

You can find all kinds of fun freebies over on Kim’s blog today too… check it all out by clicking HERE!

Well.. that’s all I have time for today I’m afraid.  I’m off to watch my girls dance in their studio’s production of the Grinch!!! Woohoo!  I can’t wait to see them!

Hope you’re all enjoying the Thanksgiving break and holiday!

HUGS, Beth

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Used It Again!

Well… my little guy is now officially 3!  Not so little anymore I suppose… but he’ll always be the baby of the bunch as far as I’m concerned!  We had fun celebrating with him – eating cake and ice cream… and then setting up our Christmas tree.  (Yup… you read that right… and I KNOW it’s early… but we are antsy – and we just couldn’t help ourselves!  Wahahaha!) 

I put together a ‘sort of’ choo-choo-train looking birthday cake for Ty.  (He loved it – so that’s all that matters right??? LOL!)  And I am totally going to sound like an advertisement for Pampered Chef here, but I used my Classic Batter Bowl AGAIN for the little ‘hill/tunnel’ that the train is supposed to look like it’s going through.  I tend to use my batter bowl a lot for baking cakes… Here is what the bowl looks like:  (nothing very out of the ordinary or anything…)batter bowl

All ya have to do is bake your cake inside the bowl and then flip the baked result upside down… Here is the cake I made for Ty’s birthday this year:

ty bday cake

And here are couple of past cakes that I’ve used it for too:


I just keep using that thing over and over again… hee hee hee! 

Well – I just wanted to pop on today and say ‘hi’… nothing major.  I have some scrapping to do now for Miss Kim… she has a beautiful new Christmas kit out that I can’t wait to dive into.  Woohoo!

C ya later!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Day of Brag Book a Day!

Hi everyone!  Today is the last day in the ‘BBAD’ (brag book a day) series!  It’s the last day of Kim B’s birthday sale celebration… so this is it!  For our last page, I chose to modify a page I had originally given out as a 12x12… but thought it would be perfect as a brag book size too!  I used Kim’s FANTASTIC kit, ‘Camping Out.’


Here is my original layout:


This kit is AMAZING!!! You can click HERE to check it out at Kim’s store!  And here is the page I made for you:


Click here to download :

Enjoy!  And don’t forget that today is the last day of Kim’s 50% off storewide sale!  (You can get this Camping Out FULL KIT for half off!!! Woohoo!)  Have a great day!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 11 of BBAD

Hi all!  I have about two seconds before I have to leave for the day… so here ya go… I used this fun, fresh, and fantastic Christmas kit by Kim called, ‘Candy Christmas’ for today’s brag book page.


I had originally made this layout with it: (my girls a couple of years ago putting together a gingerbread house at Christmas)

Candy Christmas Girls Web

So i just modified it to create today’s download:


Click here to download :

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, November 13, 2009

***Drum Roll Please*** ::: FULL REVEAL!!! And Day 10 of BBAD!

Well… Kim has opened up her grab bags for everyone to see the awesome gear inside!  Woohoo!  Wanna see?  Here is a peek at the great stuff in her personal use grab bag:

pu grab bag

Here is her first CU grab bag:

cu grab bag 1

Wowzas that thing is packed!  LOL! And here is her second CU grab bag revealed:

cu grab bag 2

I can’t even imagine the HOURS of painstaking extraction work here!  LOL!  Kim will probably go blind someday from all of her computer monitor work… hee hee hee…

And of course, you can buy her grab bags together in the CU grab bag bundle:


And… of course her entire inventory is on sale at 50% off!!!


So… looks like ya’ll have some shopping to do eh??? LOL!

I have another brag book download for you today as well.  I’ve been picking recently released kits from Kim to give you a tiny taste as to what they are like.  Today I chose her kit : ‘Soft Whisper.’

kb-Soft Whisper

And yup… it’s 50% off right now too!  Woohoo!  You can check it out in more detail by clicking HERE. Here’s what I put together :


Your download link:

Enjoy!  And I hope you all have a fun weekend planned!

***Almost Forgot***  Kim has NEW products too!  Wahahaha!  She’s insane… but I guess that’s what makes her Kim!

new products

Cute gingerbread doodles and some fantastic topiary trees!  She’s the energizer bunny… keeps going, and going, and going… These are both commercial use ok… and both high quality.  Have fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Twang! Day 9 of BBAD

My son, Ty,  is sitting here next to me at my elbow – supervising this entry… hee hee hee… so I suppose I better add a picture of HIM to this blog entry --- here ya go:


Here’s Ty ‘eating’ (or spilling) ice cream last night!  We went out to celebrate after Kaitlyn’s dance team performance! (Much to the kiddo’s delight!)  Here are a couple of video screen shot captures of my daughter holding the ‘final poses’ of her dances:












I didn’t take any ‘real’ still shots during the performance – I was too busy recording the dances on my camera so that I could send it to my hubby via the internet – who is currently out of state on a business trip.  (He’s got to see her first official dance team performance SOMEHOW right??? LOL!)

Ready to see which kit I chose for your brag book a day download today?  Well… I chose ‘Shabby Twang!’  Woohoo!  Love the juicy, fresh color scheme in this one… I feel like having a big glass of orange juice after working with it!  Hee hee hee…


You can check out Shabby Twang by clicking HERE – and MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT KIM B’S WHOLE STORE BEFORE HER 50% OFF SALE ENDS SOON!!!! ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT!!!!  Click HERE to visit her store at DSO – or click HERE to visit her store at DSV.

And here is your download for today:


Click here to download:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Letter “I” Is For… And Day 8 of B-BAD

Check out my cute Indian!!!  Ryan was learning about the letter I at preschool this week… and they made these cute headdresses.  He is SO PROUD of it too!  LOL!  (and he’s holding his very own ‘rain stick’… popcorn seeds inside a paper towel tube… now he goes around tipping it upside down over and over saying, ‘do you hear the rain, Mom?’)

Ryan the Indian

So --- have you taken a minute yet to check out the 50% off sale in Kim B’s store???


Now’s the best time to sample her amazing kits at a SUPER LOW PRICE!!!  So yesterday I gave you a tiny taste of what her fantastic ‘Deon’ kit looks like.  Today, I’m going to show ya her gorgeous kit, ‘Heartsong!’


Check out the page Kim created using it too:

kim heartsong page

Beautiful eh?  This kit is so pretty – so classically romantic!  There are some lovely musical elements inside this one too… very cool!  I created a tiny sampler for you guys from this wonderful kit:


Click here to download :

Ok… I’m off to pick up the girls from piano… and then get ready for Kaitlyn’s 1st dance team performance!  Woohoo!  Enjoy your Veteran’s Day everyone!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Accounting Widow Again… and Day 7 of B-BAD

My husband is an accountant… and I can CLEARLY recall those days right after we had graduated college and he was studying for his CPA… so I literally NEVER saw him!  I had a few friends who were going through the same thing… so we jokingly referred to ourselves as the ‘accountant widows.’  He rocked his CPA test (of course… cause he’s a smarty pants) and passed all the parts on his first try (which is honestly NOT typical!)  So I usually get to see him a BIT more now that his test is over with… but there ARE certain times of year that get busier than others for accountants… end of year being one of them.  AND for the next few days I am flying SOLO here at home… since Matt is off on a business trip getting all ‘trained up’ in whatever accountants ‘train up’ in.  Hee hee hee… (Thank goodness for text messaging on our phones – I can still bug him whenever I want… LOL!)

Are you ready for day 7 of B-BAD?  So – for the first 6 days of Kim’s sale I used her PU (personal use) grab bag for the pages… and now for the last 6 days I am going to use some of the kits Kim has released over the past few months to remind you of the things you should be snagging out of her store while they are on SALE AT 50% OFF!  Woohoo!


So today I thought I would use Kim’s STUNNING AMAZING GORGEOUS kit : Deon!!!


This kit has it all!  It can be used for boys, girls, young, old etc etc etc… I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!  Here are a couple of pages made from it :

jenni johnny page

HAD to show this one… Jenni did a fantastic job making us all want to go watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ again right??? LOL!

ruth deon page

And here is a stunner by Ruthy!  She has the sweetest kiddos!  See how the kit can be used for dark or light layouts???

So NOW is your chance to check out all of the kits Kim has to offer while her store is on sale… and don’t forget that she also has two commercial use grab bags up for sale as well (or you can buy them together in a bundle) :

Kim B Bday Sales 2009

Ok – so here is your brag book page for today made from Kim’s kit, Deon:


Your download link :

Have a great day!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Eeeek! She’s OLD! And B-BAD day 6

Ok… ever have one of those ‘no way is my kid THAT old!’ moments??? LOL!  I guess I feel that way today.  My oldest daughter is about to have her first ever dance team performance in a couple of days… and I keep looking at her thinking, ‘how did she get so old, so talented, and have so many things on her plate to do?’  Wahahaha!  I’m not getting any older right??? So how in the world can SHE be getting more mature??? Hee hee hee…

kaitlyn lavendar frame

(frame credits: Kim B. lavender cluster frame freebie)

I’m so excited to see her dance with her team this week… I just wish my hubby didn’t have to hop on a plane and be out of town for it!!!!  Waaaaah!  **sniff sniff**  Kaitlyn will do great at her show though… and I’m so proud of her I could just POP!  LOL!


Are ya here lookin’ for another brag book page?  Here ya go… day 6 of the brag book a day download campaign… (scroll down through my older posts to check out past freebies and learn more about Kim’s AMAZING sales this week!!!!)


Here’s the download link:

Happy Monday everyone… and I’ll chat with ya tomorrow!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Close Ups… Day 5 of B-BAD

Hi there!  I had a blast hanging out with my mom all day yesterday!  She’s the one who makes the amazing eggs… Here’s a reminder:

big eggs 014-1

I was the one who felt like the ‘proud mommy’ as I watched people ‘ooooh…’ and ‘awwww…’ over my mom’s art!  Yeah, she rocks.  LOL!

Don’t forget to take advantage of Kim’s sale this week:


And she has a GREAT deal on a PU (personal use) grab bag for you:


Here are some fun close up hints to give you an idea what’s inside… AND so that you can see how HIGH THE QUALITY of Kim’s work is!



And here’s ANOTHER hint as to what’s inside:


Another brag book page made with her birthday grab bag gear!  Click here to download it if ya wanna:

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!  I’m off to church to watch my kiddos sing!  Woohoo!