Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can I Blame Kim?

My friend, Kim B, was sick recently.... so can I blame her for my being sick today? LOL! (just kidding Kim!) Seriously though.... I feel cruddy. The freebie is going to have to wait.... but here are a few more pics from our trip:

I'm off to try and get some rest.... see ya soon. (I hope.)

Hugs, from Beth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Character Hunting

Hello! We're back from sunny, hot, muggy Florida! And we really had a blast! We enjoyed the free Disney Dining plan (got into lots of fun character meals) and had a great time on our first ever visit to Disney World. The girls filled up their autograph books with TONS of signatures from LOTS of Disney characters..... here is a taste of who they got to meet:

We met Mickey Mouse at least 4 different times! Still made for fun pics though.... since each time he was wearing something different. We met tuxedo Mickey, chef Mickey, sorcerer Mickey, and jungle explorer Mickey.... and I think we have a pic of him in his 'original attire' as well. (not sure if I show that one above or not....)

I'll be back tomorrow with a few more pics from our trip.... just wanted to pop on here and let you all know we were back. My parents came over yesterday and are staying with us today and will be here tomorrow as well. (Fun last minute visit.)

If you COME BACK AND SEE ME TOMORROW too.... I will put up a freebie for ya as well! And here's what I'm gonna use to make it:

THIS CU GRAB BAG IS INCREDIBLE!!!! Buy it, buy it, buy it!!!!! (And did I mention that you should buy it??? LOL!) It's Kim's anniversary --- and she is celebrating by going into designing overdrive and putting out a great bag at an amazing price! It's worth WAY more than what she's selling it at.... so take advantage of her celebratory mood! WAHAHAHA! You can buy the whole kit'n kaboodle together at a steal of a deal.... or still get good deals by buying them separately. If you buy the entire package though.... you will get a fun BONUS CU download. Buy it.... buy it..... buy it!!!! hee hee hee....

Chat with ya all later!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Latest Digital Convert

I'm about to rush off to the airport.... WOOHOO! (Disney here we come!) I'm going over and over and over the lists I put together.... making sure I'm packing everything we need. Oh how I HATE packing. And the UN-packing is even worse! HATE IT!!! But.... it's all worth it for our Disney vacay! Hooray!

Even though I'm headed out soon... I thought I would pop on here and show off the AMAZING layouts my friend, Jacki made! I've been slowly 'converting' (LOL) Jacki from her great paper scrapping to digital scrapbooking.... and she is a natural!!! She takes amazing photos.... and she doesn't rest till she 'learns it all!' She just bought Photoshop, is enrolled in some online classes to learn all about it, and she just posted to an online gallery for the 1st time ever!!! I told her I was going to show them off here on my blog.... YOU ROCK JACKI!

Don't you just love this great two pager?!? I love the flour on everybody's faces! Cute cute cute!!!

And these camping pics are great.... I really like how she included so much journaling down at the bottom.

LOVE ya girl!

Anyway.... one more thing I HAVE to let you all know about..... Kim Broedelet is getting ready to release her latest grab bag....... and I'm going to spill some beans early and tell you that YOU SHOULD NOT LET IT PASS BY!!!!! IT'S AMAZING AND FULL OF MY FAVORITE CU GEAR SO FAR!!! THIS STUFF IS SERIOUSLY FANTASTIC!!! I wish I had time to put together some freebie samplers for you.... and I will when I get back.... but for now - you'll just have to take my word for it! LOL! Keep checking up on Kim's blog during the next week or so and you can get some 'hints' straight from her!

C ya all later!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So our countdown until the 'start of the school year' has FINALLY finished! (Woohoo!) My two oldest kiddos are back in school and loving it. I still have my two youngest kiddos at home though of course. Over the last couple of weeks, my 3 yr. old has managed to conquer potty training.... and life has gotten a bit easier for me now that he has 'mastered the potty!' Yay!

But now our family is starting a NEW COUNTDOWN --- till our first ever trip to Disney World! We are leaving VERY soon and we are only taking our two oldest (leaving the 3 yr. old and 1 yr. old with grandparents for a week). To say we are EXCITED would be the understatement of the century! You would probably laugh your heads off if you knew how much research I've done - trying to learn everything I can about the parks! WAHAHAHA.... I am such a nerd! I know it! But.... until I started looking into WDW - I didn't even realize that there are 4 parks to see! (And 2 water parks to boot!)

Woohoo!!!!!! If any of you have last minute 'tips' for me.... let me know SOON!
Hey.... so check out my superstar husband up above here out playing golf and 'hobb-nobbing' with some of the players from the Portland Trailblazers Basketball team! LOL! I really don't have a clear idea about how the invite happened.... I just know that Matt was in heaven! Hee hee hee.... Matt is on the far left - right next to Trailblazer player: Brandon Roy. And on the far right is another Trailblazer: Martell Webster. Obviously the guys in the middle are NOT basketball players..... (LOL!) just other business guys like my hubby.

In other news.... Kim Broedelet has a lovely new kit out TODAY (25% off for a limited time) called 'SPRING PASSION.'

This kit is full of beautiful papers and gorgeous 'springy' elements! You can go grab a kit sampler over on Kim's blog today.... and if you want to - you can download a QP I've put together for you as well! Hope you can find a use for it.

Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

Hope you are all having a great week. And I'll be posting a bit more before our WDW trip... so keep those tips coming if you have 'em! Thx! MWAH!