Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Feel Used

Ha ha ha ha ha! Used in a GOOD way! I totally forgot to show you a few layouts put together with the first template I ever made for you guys. (ok... the ONLY template I ever made for you guys!) Click on their names to see full credits on their amazing layouts...

This beauty was made by Jen (aka Jenaroo). Don't you just LOVE the colors she chose??? My dd would HIGHLY approve.... she lives and breathes 'all things purple.'

Here is another fantastic layout made by Callista. 95 years old! That is so cool!

Dawn March sent me this wonderful layout.... I just adore those cute pics! And I love the colors she used and the cute swirly-gigs she added on the right hand side.

Seeing this layout makes me want to go out and get a puppy!!! (Well... ALMOST. My husband would skin me. We have such a tiny yard... it wouldn't work out very well! LOL!) Sharon Kay used my template to make this adorable page!!!

And last (but never least) is miss Kim B.! I stole this off of her blog....(I was so excited to see her using my template!) ha ha! (Don't worry... I think she'll forgive me.) So I'm sure many of you have already seen this beauty! Anybody else feel like taking a trip to South Africa?

Thank you ladies SOOOOO SOOOOO much for allowing me to show your layouts here on my blog. I saw a few others using my template... but never got around to asking for permission to show them... but they were GREAT too!

Kim B. is all about giving quick pages out in pairs.... so here is a 'sister page' for the one I posted yesterday. Look familiar???? Hee hee.... Today I guess I had that design on my brain looking back over these great layouts.

Snag it if ya like it. (And don't forget to check out Kim's new grab bags! This quick page was created with about 1/100th of the stuff in there. They are a STEAL of a deal... jam packed with great goodies!)

Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

Thanks again for stopping by! Have a 'Happy Wednesday!' (Mine should be interesting... I'm taking my girls roller skating after school. Woohoo! Gotta love it.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I've been tagged... twice!

I was tagged by two friends LAST MONTH (Satina & Barbara aka: DigiMom)- and I haven't blogged since then... so I am playing catch up now! Ha ha! (I blame it all on Kim B. who went on vacation. The lack of her emails & new kits must have thrown off my scrapping mojo right? I need a scapegoat, so I'll use her... hee hee hee...)

I'm going to stretch out the '2 tags' into 2 posts. Clever eh? Actually, it's just me taking pity on all of you, and not responding to everything all at once!

I'm going to respond to my good friend, Satina, first. I've known her since my first week of college (won't tell you how long ago that was! LOL!) and we've been friends ever since. Soooo.... since I've known her longer than Barbara, I'll do her tag today.

Satina is one of the most amazing people I know... she is sweet, spunky, and incredibly caring. She recently started her own blog (click HERE to check it out) to help keep her busy while enduring months of mandatory bed rest at the end of her pregnancy. Her positive attitude is an inspiration to me!

So - Satina's challenge to me was to post 7 random facts about myself. Here we go:

1. The day I met my husband, I told my friend, Satina, that I thought I would marry him! Ok, so this isn't a 'new' fact to Satina... but it's kind of funny. I wasn't actually serious when I said it... but it turned out to happen anyway!!! Odd twist of fate eh? Guess it was just meant to be!

2. Some of my close friends already know this random fact.... but I swallowed a live goldfish once on a dare. Yeah - it was dumb. LOL!

3. I hate touching raw meat. I am constantly laughed at when I am preparing dinner and I refuse to touch raw meat with my skin. I use long spoons, forks, knives... whatever I can find to hold it far away from me while I cook it or cut it up. Ugh. I really don't like it. I always think if I had been a pioneer or farmer that I would have been in big trouble since I don't handle those kinds of things very well.

4. I love to sing! Ok.... so when I sing now it's just when I am alone or singing along to 'Sesame Street' with my kiddos.... but once upon a time I sang in High School, College, at Church, and in a community choir. I'm really not great.... but it's like emotional therepy! Ha ha! And who couldn't use some of THAT from time to time?

5. The girls in my family are named after the characters in the novel : "Little Women." I am Beth, I have sisters Amy & Meg, and my mom is Jo.

6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE eating out at restaurants. (ok... so who doesn't?) I'm not a Betty Crocker type - and eating anything that I didn't have to make myself is just pure pleasure! But with 4 young kiddos and a money saavy husband, (which I am grateful for) eating out really doesn't happen very often... ha! That's ok - it just makes it even MORE enjoyable when we do right?

7. My hair is naturally 'curly-ish' and can really drive me berserk! (is berserk a word?) And just to gross all of you out completely.... I only wash it about 2-3 times per week. LOL! Anybody cringing with disgust? My hair completlely frizzes out and dries out if I wash it every day. AND when I dry it - I am wasting an hour and a half each day just trying to manage my mane. Drying my hair is an annoyingly long process. First, washing it of course. Next, getting just the right amount of gel and goop on it to put it in its' place. Then, hanging my head upside down over a hair dryer and diffuser for up to 45 minutes! (That's if I want it to be 100% dry - I usually just give up, look in the mirror and say 'good enough for who it's for!') I could go on and on (give ya a whole blog post) about hair... but I'll spare you by stopping now!

Sooooo.... now that you you've gotten to know a few random things about me... here is a layout I made this week for my friend Bunny. She has some WONDERFUL easy-to-use templates up for sale in her store and she let me play with them! Check out her blog HERE and read all about them!

Here are my credits: 'Simply Layouts Template Set 1' - (I used template#4) by Bunny Cates. 'Edge It Grunge Grid' Pack by Kim Broedelet. 'Puddles of Sunshine' Alpha by Eva Kipler - recolored. 'Notebook Stickers' Rainbow by designs by Leora. 'Construction Paper Cut Out' by FernLili.

This is my sister's daughter.... and she is adorable! The rainbow suit is VERY significant.... it's just like a suit that my sister used to wear 24 HOURS A DAY when she was a kid! So it's just so cute to see her little girl wearing one just like it now! (As soon as I get a pic of my sister wearing HER suit as a kid, I'm going to have to scrap them side by side.)

Remember those 'brag book' teasers I showed you yesterday? Here are the full previews:

If you buy both of Kim B's new PU and CU grab bags (at a steal of a deal by the way...) you get this 25 page brag book set for FREE! I made 10 of the pages in there.... and Kim's amazing CT team all banded together to make this great set.

Thanks for making it through this post! I'll be back to respond to Barbara's tag soon as well! Here is a quick page I made for you guys from some of the GREAT gear in Kim B.'s new bags! Hope you like it!

Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kim Is Having A Party!!!

I thought I would 'sneak' online here and give you all a 'head's up on what's happening tomorrow... Kim Broedelet's whole store is having a MASSIVE SALE!!!! (click on the image below to be taken to her store...)

Kim is AN AMAZING designer and has now been creating kits for a year!!! Woohoo!!! To celebrate, she's placing ALL of her goodies on SALE! But here's the catch: It's only for ONE DAY!!! (Go, go, go.... run and get 'em while you can!)

She has a gazillion items in her store.... and everything is great.... so you might be asking yourself: "What should I get? What can't I live without?" So - if you can't buy her whole store, here are the 'must haves' that I find myself using over and over and over again..... kits and page sets that I absolutely LOVE!

  1. Bug-ing (come on.... if you don't have it yet, this is so darn cute.... you HAVE to get it!)
  2. Edge It Grungy Grids (this is my current Kim B. fave! Love, love, love it!)
  3. Floppys (fun, floppy bows.... amazing set)
  4. Groupies (wonderful groups of frames - just add pics!)
  5. Grungy & Weathered Overlays (there are 3 sets of these.... but I love them all! Pick you own favorite!)
  6. Lovable (a Kim B. classic! An amazing kit!)
  7. Oh Natural Textures 2 (I like 1 too... but 2 is my fave out of the pair)
  8. Old Festive Cheer (an outstanding Christmas page set!!! You gotta check this out!)
  9. Papery Ties (these are just unique and cool!)
  10. Party On (a fantastic color palette and fun journaling bubbles)
  11. Pretty Twisted (the first Kim B. kit I ever worked with... so I will always love it!)
  12. Sew Simple White (it's ALWAYS handy to have stitching on hand for layouts... and this kit has a wonderful selection of different types.)
  13. Sparkles (can't say enough how much I LOVE these!!! I use them ALL THE TIME!)
  14. Stone Castle (you'll look at these rich colors and patterns and your jaw will drop while you're saying 'Wow!'.... it's just gorgeous)
  15. Storybook Romance (I love the butterflies, leaves, and flowers in this one.... so pretty)
  16. Ties (I guess they are actually called: "Just Ties" ... these always are useful.... hang tags or other elements with them.... SO cool!)
  17. Unda Da Sea (If you're a Kim B. fan, you'll know that this is just the 'best of the best!'.... Wow!)
  18. Weathered and Worn Overlays (this is 'hands down' my favorite overlays set!!! I use it constantly!!!)
  19. Weathered Frames (and this is 'hands down' my favorite frame set.... I also use it constantly!)
  20. Wound and Bound 1 (I love 2 also... but 1 is just a 'must have!' Wrap up frames, pics, and whatever else you like easily with these cool ribbons and stuff...)
  21. Zip Me Up (I LOVE the look of zippers on pages... and these are the best zippers out there! The 'teeth' and fabric are seperate... so you can make it any color you want to!)

Ok.... so those are the kits I use the MOST.... although there are many others that I really LOVE too.... but you would be reading all day if I put them ALL in this post!

Just keep in mind.... ONE DAY ONLY - her whole stock is 60% off!!!!

And just to let another 'cat out of the bag'.... (LOL!)... Kim will be releasing a couple new AMAZING personal and commercial use bags tomorrow.... but I'll let you check out her blog for the previews

And I (along with all of Kim's great CT) put together part of a HUGE brag book set bonus you can get if you buy both of her bags (at an amazing discount I might add...)

Here are a couple of the pages I put together: (just to tempt you to check out Kim's gear tomorrow.... not to download today! LOL!)

Ok... I have to run... but I will be back tomorrow with more previews of the brag book set and some layouts too.

Thanks for visiting!