Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy 'Haunted Holiday!!!'

Happy Halloween! Hope you all have some fun plans for this evening.... (and I hope it STOPS RAINING here in the Pacific Northwest! Argh!)

My family went to a Halloween party at my church the other day... so I already have a few pictures of my kiddos in costume to show you.

My oldest daughter is Sorcerer Mickey Mouse, my younger daughter is Minnie Mouse, my oldest son is Mr. Incredible, and my youngest little guy is Piglet. (poor guy - gets all the hand-me-down costumes! LOL!)

But I don't feel TOO bad for him.... look at that cute little face! He's going to be a heartbreaker!

And my older son had fun showing off his "BIG MUSCLES" all night! WAHAHAHA! It's so funny watching him walk around 'flexing' his arms for everybody!

Soooo... since it's Halloween.... I feel like giving away a 'treat!' So this one's inspired by my oldest daughter, Kaitlyn, whose favorite color is PURPLE!!!! (she lives for all things purple!)

Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)


If you pop on over to the DigiScrapObsession Blog today... you can pick up a BIG Halloween DSO MEGA kit for FREE! Woohoo! Here are my contributions to it:

Well.... "Happy Halloween!" Have fun trick or treating! (I'll be busy 'attempting' to not eat too much chocolate.... yum!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I HAVE FANTASTIC NEWS FOR ALL OF YOU!!! (Did I get your attention yet???) Listen up.... Kim Broedelet has her ENTIRE STORE on sale for TODAY ONLY at 55% off! (And if you visit her BLOG and download her freebie from yesterday.... it just might help you out even MORE! **wink, wink**)

Kim B is having a birthday celebration.... and we are all invited to join in! Woohoo! Here's what she's got cooked up for us:

So today you can enjoy 55% off her store... but even if you miss today's sale, you can STILL have fun shopping in Kim's store at DSO:

AND AND AND.... Kim has two new AMAZING grab bags going on sale as well! They are literally just JAM-PACKED with outstanding products.... and for those of you who know Kim B. already... you know her stuff is always the best quality and you get a killer deal when you purchase from her!

(Note: These new bags are NOT included in the 55% off sale today or throughout the week.... but they are STILL a total STEAL of a deal!)

Here is her PERSONAL USE grab bag:

And here is her COMMERCIAL USE grab bag:

AND..... if you buy BOTH together.... you will receive a bonus!!!

Sooooo....... in order to draw more people to my blog today to brag 'loud and proud' about Kim's great new gear & birthday sale.... I thought I would offer a cool freebie. I'm turning a recent layout I made for Kim into a quick page for you all to enjoy. (As a 'thank you' for reading this post.... and maybe you'll pop on by Kim's blog and leave her a little 'happy birthday' as well?)

Here is the layout I made using Kim's gorgeous kit, Loryn:

And here is your freebie for today: (I'll keep the link valid till the end of Kim's birthday sale next week.)

Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

Enjoy! And have fun shopping in Kim's Store!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trick Or Treat!

Good morning! Thought I would try to put a smile on your face by showing you some pics of my kiddos from last Halloween. Don't ya just love my little froggie? I've already got Halloween on my brain.... my kids have their costumes ready to go! Kaitlyn is determined to be 'Sorcerer Mickey Mouse', Alycia is going to be Minnie Mouse, Ryan is going to be Mr. Incredible, and Tyler will most likely be Tigger or Piglet. (Poor guy... he's the only one being forced to wear the hand me down costumes! LOL!)

We're celebrating Halloween ALL MONTH over at DSO too! Stop by the DSO Blog every day this month and download a new TREAT (freebie).... and make sure you visit on Halloween day for a BIG surprise!!! If you like the cluster frame I have posted here above.... you can download it and a few others at the DSO Blog today. (I just uploaded them.)

SMILE! And have a great day!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Month... New Things Happening

Wowzas! It's already October! It's really starting to feel like fall now. Up here in Oregon there is always that morning risk of rain on the way to the bus stop. Ugh. Bust out the umbrellas. Here comes that infamous Oregon rain!

My girls are really getting into the groove of school now though.... and luckily they both love it. (That always helps eh?) My poor little Alycia.... on the way to the bus stop (which is only a few houses away) she tripped and tore up her knees pretty badly, bruised up her forehead, and roughed up her hands. She's screaming bloody murder through the entire neighborhood, I'm freaking out, and HER biggest concern is that she might miss the bus!!! LOL! Well... at least she wanted to get cleaned up quickly and back in that bus stop line. (And she DID make it.... we cleaned her up, stuck on some band aids.... and she was out the door!)

Anyway..... there are a couple of really fun things happening at DSO this month. Bunny, the 'commander in chief' of the site, happens to LOVE Halloween.... which ends up REALLY benefitting all of YOU! How you might ask???? Well.... pop in the DSO BLOG every day in October and you can download some new treat! (Trick Or Treating for the entire month!) The DSO designers are going to take turns offering new freebies for you every day.... and on Halloween there is a major goodie to pick up!!!

Another new activity at DSO starting this month is my FIRST EVER challenge! Woohoo! Would you like to finally USE one of those fabulous quick pages hanging around on your hard drive? This challenge is as simple as this : USE a quick page.... and you will GET a quick page for playing along! It's easy, fast, and FUN!

Wanna play along? Here is the participation bonus you'll get for being part of the action :

Oh... and since this is my first month... I thought I would give you TWO pages.... one WITH the 'smile beads' and one WITHOUT the 'smile beads.' Thought the page could be more versatile for you that way. Check out the complete details HERE.

And of course, I based this quick page off of a layout I created for myself..... so I thought I would show that to you as well...

This is one of my favorite pics of my daughter. (The one who fell this morning and scraped up her knees actually...) I love that 'hint of a smile' lingering there. She's a sweetie!

Hopefully I'll see you over at DSO this month for my challenge. Hope you're all having a great day.... and don't forget to visit the DSO blog each day this month for a new freebie during the whole month of October!!!