Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ok… just thought I would let ya all know that we have finally bought a house… but we won’t be moving in till the last week of June (or maybe the first week or two into July).  We are in limbo at the moment… living in a temporary spot.  But our situation is great… and I am so grateful for an actual date and place to look forward to in the future.  (Let the countdown begin! Yay!)

The place we picked needs a LOT of updating and TLC… but it’s a great house… and I’m having fun picking out new everything!  (new paint, carpet, trim, doors, hardware, fixtures etc etc etc…)  It’s a big project though!!!

Wish us luck (again!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hi there!  Just a quickie update… we actually sold our house!  It took all of three days sitting on the market… and a nice family showed up and gave us a full price offer and we accepted!  (Must have been meant to be right?)


Now we’re in major house hunt mode.  I feel like we’re in limbo… and can’t wait to settle back down again.  It’s spring break though this week… so we’ll be off to the beach soon and spend some time with my parents.

Here’s a random pic to make ya smile :


My girls on crazy hair day (for school)… they insisted on having braids that stuck out from their heads.  Silly girls had wire woven through their hair ALL DAY!  (I would think that would get annoying… but I guess we all suffer for beauty right? LOL!)

And here’s a pic of Ty doing one of his FAVORITE things ever… feeding the ducks!  (This kid just can’t get enough of it!)


And just to give equal ‘pic’ time to all my kiddos… here is Ryan on one of his recent preschool field trips :


Ok… well the back of his head at least!  Ha ha!  He’s wearing the brown hoodie in the front of this pic.  We took our preschoolers to the grocery store for their latest field trip… and it was so fun!  The store had employees that took the kids from department to department (dairy section, cereal aisle, produce, bakery etc) and gave the kids food samples all along the way.  This picture is from the seafood/butcher section of the store where the kids were getting up close and personal with a crab!  So fun!

Ok… well I’m off.  Gotta find us a house right??? Hee hee hee…

Hope you all have a fun spring break!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Wowzas!  Where in the world would I be without my patient, hard-working, generous, and fun friends!!!??? (Smack, dab in the middle of nowheresville… that’s where!  AND probably bald from pulling out my hair… heh heh heh)  I have had an insanely crazy couple of weeks… and I think just now I might see a glimmer of light trying to peek it’s way out at the end of this LOOOOOOOOONG tunnel I’m chuggin’ on through.  Choo choo!  (I’m just going to pretend that I’m the little engine that could… and keep saying, “I think I can, I think I can… hee hee hee…)  My friends have helped me so much, kept me sane, and given me confidence.  I am so grateful.  (Awww… warm fuzzies right?)

We actually have a SIGN out in front of our house now… guess there isn’t any backing out of selling now eh?  LOL!  I’ve just been finishing up with a little bit of cleaning and our house will be ‘officially listed’ as of Tuesday.  Woohoo!  Let’s get that ball rolling eh?

Anyway… cross those fingers for us please!!!???

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Breathe.  Don’t panic.  Don’t think.  Keep going.

These are the things I’m telling myself right now.  I think I’m presently holding off a minor heart attack – the only way to stop it is by keeping my body busy enough that my brain doesn’t have time to catch up.  I’m taking a break from my craziness for a few seconds to blog just so that my head might clear a tiny bit.

Yes… we are moving.  Nope… don’t know where.  Yes… we are moving out of our house while we sell it.  Nope… we aren’t officially insane, we’re just acting like it. 

Well, we’re not crazy (maybe)… but there is a bunch of craziness going on right now.  We’re painting, packing, and planning… three P’s.  We’ve been replacing light fixtures (cause ours were ‘so not cool’ according to the staging lady that came through our house) and making other minor cosmetic adjustments. 

Wish us luck?  I don’t even want to blog more about it right now… just ‘keep going’ as I said above!  I can’t decide quite how I feel right now… excited? Nervous? Hopeful?  Happy?  I’ll let you know if I make up my mind!  Wahahaha!

Ok… on to some random babbling… that is sure to make little to NO sense whatsoever…

Here is a picture for my friend, Lori… I didn’t get too many pictures from the Valentine’s party of the whole crew… but I did get this cute shot that I like to call : “Tyler loves Kylie!”  Hee hee hee…  (thanks for hosting the kids’ Valentine’s party Lori!  Ty had a blast!)


Tyler adores Kylie… and here is the picture to prove it right??? Ah… young love.  And here is Ty (Mr. Dimples) holding his fancy Valentine’s Day treat bag :


We had a birthday party for my Dad recently… here is my handsome father about to blow out the candles on the cake I made him:


I love my Dad!

Oh… my grandpa turned 90… and we had a party for him.  Here he is posing with some of his great grandchildren (most of them mine obviously.)  My grandpa is the sweetest, best gpa ever. 


Wanna see what I looked like as a baby???  Here is a shot of me with my grandpa when I was itty bitty…


Yup… I had curly hair back then too…

Ooops… my girls just walked in the door home from school… have to run now.  Back to my ‘go, go, go’ mode eh?  Bye for now.  :-)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What’s New…

Eeek… how is it two weeks into the New Year already???!!!  Our holiday season FLEW by… with several trips to the coast to stay with my parents over stretches of time, a HUGE trip out to Florida to play at Disney World, a strange New Year’s where I severely hurt my neck (couldn’t even move much out of bed for a few days), teaching preschool, dance events, birthday parties, and a new weight loss attack plan put into play.  Phew! 

First of all, my first baby turned a decade old!!! Wowzas!!! Here she is at 10 weeks old:


And here she is at 10 years old at her birthday party… her grandma (my mom) came over to teach a bunch of her friends how to make Ukrainian Decorated Eggs!  It was so much fun!


Over the holidays, my sweet friend Mary was nice enough to snap some new family pics for me in her backyard… so here we all are:

Modified Fam 2-1 DSC_2452-1 family shots 

And then of course we went to Disney World… we had a blast (you can’t have a BAD time there really…) and loved the whole thing!  We even got picked while we were there to be part of a riverboat show… check us out with our silly costumes and tambourines:


We met tons of characters… here are a few:


And here are a couple of my favorite shots of the castle at night that I snapped… it’s so gorgeous with all of the lights!!!


We had Christmas since I blogged last too…


My kiddos love the Christmas ‘hat box’ over at my parents’ place!!!  And I guess now we have a sneak peek at what Tyler will look like as a very old man??? Hee hee hee…

Kaitlyn had the fun opportunity to dance at the halftime show at a Blazer game in Portland!!!  Here is her part of the dance team lined up along the logo on the court:


And here are the girls after the game (you can tell we had the nosebleed section seats) :


Well.. I’ll leave you with one more cute pic of my boys dressed up all ready for church… I can’t help but include it:


Ok… I promise to get back to my scrapping this week… Kim is probably getting ready to toss me out the window… argh!  And she has a great new grab bag up for sale right now too!!!


Grab it here at DSO or DSV

She even has a sampler over on her blog right now too – but if you know Kim, you know her work is ALWAYS AMAZING!!!  You’ll want to invest in her overlays… they are (in my humble opinion) wonderful.

Ok… signing off for now… will be back again soon!