Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What does 'SAHM' stand for?

If you take a quick peek over to the left side of this blog page... you'll see in my profile that I say I'm a 'SAHM.' What does that stand for you might ask? Well... according to my husband it stands for 'Sexy And Hot Mama!' Woohoo! He scored some major brownie points this Valentine's Day by giving me CHOCOLATE (because of what he read on my blog profile... go figure - ha ha ha!) and giving me his interpretation in a note on what he felt SAHM meant. Yup.... he's a keeper.

Valentine's Day was fun at my house. My girls ran through the door when they got home and BEGGED me if they could dive into their VDay treat bags from school. Why not? It's only once a year right? My younger daughter was VERY excited to give Valentines cards to everyone in the house - it was more fun watching HER face when I opened my card than actually GETTING it! My oldest daughter kept us busy with a 'heart hunt' game that she made all by herself! Hearts just kept popping up all over the house magically! LOL! She's a keeper too.

I've had so many nice comments left for me here.... (you guys are GREAT!)... and some of you mentioned that you couldn't find an email address for me and that you wanted to send me your layouts with my downloads. Soooooooo.... in all of my downloads from now on, I've included a contact page in there so you can send me examples of how you're using my freebies! Yay! I would, of course, LOVE to see how you've used them.

My friend, Silvia, (who many of you know as 'Phillsboo') is hosting a challenge over on her blog... so I joined in and created a layout using her latest freebies.

All of the gear in this layout was made by Silvia and was in her new 'Being A Boy' freebie - except for the glitter overlay which is by Irene Alexeeva and was recolored.

And as a nod to Valentine's Day (which is over.... **sniff sniff**) here is your freebie for the day:

I used Kim B's 'Floppys'... which are SO FUN to use in layouts! Hope ya like it. Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That evil laugh...

Just a quick post for today...

I enjoyed watching my two girls yesterday put together Valentine's Day treat bags to hand out on Thursday to their classmates. Excitement was just BEAMING out of them... it's amazing how happy kids get about things like that. (It's so great having kids and getting to 're-experience' childhood with them!) Anyway... my older daughter (she's in 2nd grade) was cackling while she was putting these goodies together.... using her best evil laugh.... because she thought it was hilarious that she was putting some chocolate heart candies that had PRINCESS designs on the labels into the BOYS' bags!!!! Wahahaha! She was laughing her heart out thinking about the looks on the boys' faces when they open their bags. Ah, the simple joys.

Here is the promised follow up quick page to the one I posted last time.

Hope you like it!

Here is the download link:
(This link has expired)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Time for blogging eh?

I have absolutely NO idea how that time warp shuttled me from my last posting day instantly to today.... I swear it hasn't FELT like that long! LOL! I suppose that I don't have quite as much time in my life to allot for blogging as I was hoping. I am determined to get on here at least a few times per week though.... it's 'BLOG or BUST' I say! Hee hee hee...

So I'm sneaking in this pre-bedtime blog (pre-bedtime for ME - the kiddos are in bed -- in theory)listening to my son kick the wall between our office and his bedroom. I thought that this would probably be the best time to catch some kid-free computer time.

My son used to sleep soundly in his pack and play every night (and he would sleep stretched out across the SHORT way inside of it! he's a nut!) but as of a couple months ago, he's graduated into his racecar bed. Sounds cool eh? You'd want to sleep in a racecar bed if you had one right? My little guy LOVES to sleep with his feet against the wall (opposite of how you should lay down) and kick it. Or.... sometimes he likes to just sprawl out his whole body in front of the bedroom door and listen to the noises outside his room. Or.... he'll drop his blanket and insist on parental help to retrieve it. Or.... he'll twist and turn so much he will slide right off of his bed (which is toddler sized) and be so surprised that he'll start crying.

Oh, the goold old pack and play days.... where have you gone? LOL!

On a different topic...

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from SUZANNE who had fun making Valentines out of my first freebie here on my blog. She printed out the cards with pics of her ADORABLE granddaughter and is attaching them to goodie bags for her granddaughter's class! (And she's a 'healthy grandma' too - filling those goodie bags with raisins and banana cookies etc. She insisted that a 16 month old ramped up on sugar might not be advisable! LOL!) Here are how a few of her cards turned out.... isn't her little one a sweetheart?

Thanks so much for sharing this with me SUZANNE! I got SO EXCITED thinking that somebody is actually using the freebies I posted! Yay!

And because I am still so in love with Kim Broedelet's new kit: "Lovable"... I made another freebie for you today from that kit. Kim included some wonderful butterflies inside "Lovable" - so I wanted to show them off... so here is the first of a couple pages I'll post here using them. Enjoy!

Here is the download link:
(This link has expired)

Thanks for stopping by again... it's off to bed with me now if my son will ever stop kicking the wall. (Good thing he's cute...)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Wow! To say that I was 'surprised' with the warm response my blog received yesterday for my FIRST POST EVER is definately the understatement of the century! I am 100% BLOWN AWAY with the number of friendly comments, emails, downloads etc etc etc!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for making me feel a tiny bit less awkward about this whole new 'blog thing.' (Ha ha ha! Notice I didn't say that I feel comfortable yet! That won't happen for QUITE some time... LOL!)

I wasn't sure if I would be blogging every weekday, or leaving some time in between posts.... (and I'm still not sure) but I HAD to blog today to say THANKS and to **sniff sniff** CRY and tell you all that you all ROCK!!!

So my quest for the day is to learn about google blog readers. Several of you mentioned to me that you use them to stay on top of when your favorite blogs are updated.... and that sounds so cool! (You're going to hear about ALL KINDS of things that are new to ME that you all have been using FOREVER - feel free to laugh..... but I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a novice! Ha ha!) I'm constantly clicking from blog to blog - trying to see if there have been any updates since my last visit. How cool to be updated automatically!!! I'm definately going to check all of that out.... let me know if you have any tips for me.

In case you weren't aware yet, the ever-so-fabulous Kim Broedelet has a new commercial use grab bag out right now. It's jam-packed with wonderful goodies (as always) and this week it's on SALE.... so GO, GO, GO! LOL!

Here is a 'hint' as to what is inside....

This layout does NOT show everything that is inside of it.... just a tiny tease. But I used several things from the bag. Isn't my little guy a cutie?! He's much bigger than that now.... but I have always loved this picture because he's flashing a little 'V' or 'peace sign' with his fingers! "V" is for "Valentine" this time of year right?

And because you all DESERVE it.... I made you another freebie for today. If you like the stacked cluster frame I used in my layout, it's yours! Snag it up here today as a 'thank you' for being one of the first to read my new blog!

Here is a preview:

And I forgot to mention that they are .png files and saved at 300ppi.... but I'm guessing that you would assume that anyway right? LOL! Here is the download link:
(This link has expired)

Enjoy! See ya later!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This is BEYOND being BIZZARE!

Who knew I would be starting a blog? Me.... a BLOG?

Up until summer of 2007 I honestly **yes, I admit** wasn't quite sure what a blog was for! LOL! Well... now I have finally gotten an online education and have exited the stone age I suppose. Hooray! And my plans for this blog are to use it for my 'latest and greatest' hobby : Digital Scrapbooking!

I have grown VERY attached to MANY blogs out there dedicated to digi-scrapping.... and to all of you ladies - I send a warm "thank you" and a "please keep it up cause you rock!"

Up until May of 2007, I had never even HEARD of digital scrapbooking.... but now I can't imagine my life without it! Talk about an instant addiction. The only problem is finding the time to feed my cravings. I am the lucky mom of 4 young kiddos and the wife to a great guy. For some reason, my 2 toddlers don't quite understand yet that the computer is NOT meant to be used as a jungle gym when I am working on it.... go figure. Well, someday I'll find more time.... but for now, I am very content working with Kim Broedelet on her Creative Team and putting together layouts with my other kits when I get a chance. (So, yeah.... that's almost, um, like : NEVER)

As I learned to put together layouts, I discovered that I enjoy trying to create other things as well.... so don't be surprised when you find freebies here on my blog along with my layouts being shared.

Speaking of 'layouts'.... here is a brag book page I recently created :

I used Kim Broedelet's "Lovable" Kit (which I adore!) and also the frames from her great "Groupies" kit.

Hope you like it..... and if you DO.... feel free to scoop up my first freebie here for you! I put together some Valentine's Day cards using Kim Broedelet's "Lovable" Kit. The cards are all in .png format and saved in brag book sizes. (And yes.... no worries... she gave me permission to pass out the freebies! Yay!)

Here is the freebie preview:

And here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

I hope you come back and visit again soon! Thanks for reading my FIRST POST EVER! (I'll get the hang of this whole 'blogger thing' eventually! Right now it's kind of sucking my will to live! LOL! Just kidding.... well, kind of.... it IS confusing for me for some reason! Aaaah!)