Friday, April 24, 2009

Every Once In A While…

So… every once in a while I surprise MYSELF and manage to create something ‘crafty’ by HAND that I actually like!  LOL!  (I am much more at home on the computer… wahahaha!)  I have friends who are patiently teaching me how to USE the cool gear you can buy at a craft store… and make fun stuff!

Check out these cute cards I made last night ::: (all thanks to Terri!  THANK YOU TERRI!  You are the card queen!  Woohoo!)  I can hardly believe that I actually used scissors, glue dots, stamps, markers, brads, ribbon, and embossing powder!!! LOL!  Hooray!


Click on the image to check them out a bit closer up… but I think they look pretty decent!  (Are you proud of me Bunny??? LOL!  I know that you are fantastic at making cards!  Maybe one day I’ll be up to par with ya!  hee hee hee…)  They are all birthday cards… and thanks to Terri’s creative juices, I have four differently themed handmade birthday cards now!  Yay me!  LOL!  The one on the right will be PERFECT for my father in law… he’s a carpenter!  (oh.. and btw… the photo mask I used on the pic above is by Kim B.)

While getting together with my friends, I also managed to stuff my face FULL of all kinds of fattening YUMMY desserts!  I had a lot of fun… even if I do end up gaining ten pounds… ha ha ha!  Sometimes ya just gotta indulge eh?

I wanted to pop on here today and remind you that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF KIM BROEDELET’S 50% OFF STOREWIDE SALE!!!!  Make sure you take a few minutes to rummage through her FANTASTIC scrap store and snag up some of her wonderful gear. 


AND… check out her latest deal on an all new CU grab bag!!!! Jam packed full of AMAZING goodies… and only $7.00!!! Wowzas!  Hurry… run… go get it!!!! LOL!  You can scroll down to my post from yesterday and check out a layout I made with her new bag… get an idea of what’s inside!


AND… to give ya a bit more of a ‘taste’ of what you’ll be getting when you buy her amazing grab bag… I put together a group of brag book pages (couldn’t help myself… I know… I’m addicted…LOL!) using the kit I gave out yesterday!  The kit (and pages) were created with just a bit of the fantastic stuff inside the bag.  And hey… we need to CELEBRATE Kim’s 2-year DSO anniversary with ‘presents’ right???? So bring on the freebies…


Here is the download link:

(link has expired)

I guess I end up making brag book pages so much since I actually USE them a lot!  Hee hee…  Hope you’ve all had a great week… and are planning a FUN weekend!  As for my household… we will be cheering on the Blazers in their playoff game… woohoo!  Cross your fingers for us…

Don’t forget to take advantage of Kim’s sale (LAST DAY TODAY) and also to take advantage of the amazing price on her latest CU grab bag!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kim Is Turning Two!

Ok… well Kim’s STORE is turning two… LOL!  I’ve been lucky enough to have known Kim for almost that long… she brought me along with her on a FANTASTIC ride in August of 2007 when she asked me to join her crazy, wonderful, super-friendly creative team!  We all know that she is a warm, caring, thoughtful, fun, upbeat, vivacious, and bubbly person… (whew… say THAT sentence three times fast!  LOL!) and she also happens to be an AMAZINGLY TALENTED DESIGNER!  WOOHOO! 

So… to celebrate her ‘DSO birthday’ of sorts… SHE (Miss Kim) is giving all of US (her scrapping fans) an outstanding treat… Kim is putting her ENTIRE STORE ON SALE AT 50% OFF FOR TWO DAYS ONLY!!!


Kim’s fantastic style is eclectic… she has EVERYTHING you could want in her diverse store… everything you need for your personal scrap pages AND everything you need to help you in creating scrap kits of your own.  Click HERE and check it out!  HURRY!

(So I started making you a list of my favorite Kimmie scrap gear… and then I realized that it was waaaaay too long… and you guys would probably fall asleep before making it all the way through this post… wahahaha!  So I deleted the list… and you will just have to go check it out for yourselves.  Hee hee hee…  Ok… but I just have to say… her Roche & Loryn kits are MUST HAVES… and all of her overlays, ribbons, greenery, and ‘edge it’ packs are some of my VERY TOP faves… and just so ya know… ALL OF HER CU STUFF IS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY!!! Never any stray pixels… jaggedy edges… or blurry elements… she is crazy talented!  Or… well… maybe just a crazy perfectionist… LOL!)

Kim is also releasing a brand new CU grab bag --- woohoo!  I feel like a broken record when I say this : but her grab bags are a STEAL OF A DEAL!


Don’t let a GREAT deal like this one pass you by… and this new bag is full of her usual wonderful gear!

Just to give you guys a ‘taste’ of what is inside… I threw together a layout using just a tiny portion of the bag’s contents :

Alycia Is 600x600

(Click HERE for full layout credits)  This is my ‘full of energy and love for life’ daughter, Alycia!  She is doing one of the MANY ‘runway like’ poses she tends to strike when I’m trying to take a picture of her!  LOL!  Her playful personality is what inspired me to piece together this page. 

To help Kim CELEBRATE her ‘DSO birthday’… I put together a Grab Bag inspired mini kit for you guys.  Most of this kit was created using bits from Kim’s latest grab bag… I hope you like it!  The weather has been SO HOT where I live this past week… I guess I’ve had summer on my mind – so this is what you get:


Here is the download link:

(link has expired)

Make sure you pop on over to Kim’s blog to wish her a ‘Happy Birthday’ of sorts… LOL… and take time to check out the great goodies she has in her DSO store AND remember to take advantage of her new Grab Bag as well! (You’ll be GLAD you did!)

Have a good one!  And I’ll be back tomorrow with another freebie download for you --- c ya later!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Captain Chaos!

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately!  I’ve been busy enjoying being the mommy of four very ‘active’ kiddos and more specifically chasing down ‘Captain Chaos!’  LOL!  WHO (you may be asking) IS ‘Captain Chaos?’  Well… that’s our name for my youngest son, Tyler.  He LOVES to have us tie any old blanket around his neck and RUN around the house shouting ‘Captain Chaos!!!’ at the top of his lungs.  LOL!  We feel like the super hero name is PERFECT for him!  Wahahaha!  My older son, Ryan, keeps changing his own super hero name.  Nothing has really seemed to stick yet. 

captain chaos

(cute frames and arrow are from Andrea Dickinson’s fun kit, ‘Play’)

I think in the lower picture (above) Ty is using his amazing ‘mind control’ powers to try and get us to give him cookies… hee hee hee… And here is a little video of him declaring himself as ‘Captain Chaos’ and of his brother calling himself ‘Captain Nothing’ (since he couldn’t come up with a name that he liked that evening… LOL!)

I’m not sure if I ever did share the video of Ryan singing his ‘Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life For Me’ or not here on my blog… but I figured I’d throw it in here too… just for fun…  it’s kind of a ‘classic’ now at my house… wahahaha!

Ryan STILL wears his pirate hat, hook, and sword around the house… those were the BEST Christmas gifts he ever got! Woohoo!

Anyway… there isn’t any real ‘point’ to my blog post today… just wanted to say ‘hi’ and let ya know I’m still here.  And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to one of my CT members : the very talented, sweet, and bee-yoo-tee-full RUTH!  Woohoo!!! Hope you’re having a great day girl! 

AND… if you pop on over to FanFan’s blog (another one of my fantastic CT gals) you can pick up this great quick page she put together for ya using my last kit, ‘Joanne’s Eggs!’  THANKS chickadee!

PVQPJoannesEggs_Fanfan-Rue-des Anges

Hope you’re all having a great start to your week!  Chat with ya soon!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

EXTENDED Sale… NEW Challenge… FREEBIE… And Melted Panda Bears…

Since Easter is coming up… I thought I would keep my new kit, ‘Joanne’s Eggs’ and the extra egg pack ‘Joanne’s Egg-stra Eggs’ on sale at 25% off for a while longer!  Take advantage of the lower price while you can!



And check out this darling page sent to me by the oh-so-sweet, Marlene!  LOVE this one!

marlene BL_LO_04

And since it’s APRIL now… that means I have an ALL NEW Scraplift Challenge up over at DSO!  Click HERE to visit me in the forum there and read all about it!  Just for playing along with me this month, you will receive this posting bonus for FREE!


This set of alphas coordinates with the ‘Joanne’s Eggs’ kit!  The download includes 2 uppercase alpha sets (one with eggs and one without eggs), 2 number sets (one with eggs and one without eggs), and 1 lowercase alpha set (all without eggs.)  Hope you can play along with us! Woohoo!

I had fun this weekend trying my hand at some more ‘decorated cupcakes.’  Remember the butterflies??? Well… so I thought I would try to make Panda Bears.  They were… well… they were… NOT so great!  WAHAHAHA!  I actually ran out of time to finish them properly… so they never did have claws like they were supposed to.  And I couldn’t find anything lightweight to use for the ears… and the chocolate wafers I ended up using were a bit too heavy… they kept sliding down.  LOL!  AND AND AND… I had to take them to a family get-together (for the dessert) and when we packed them into our van to transport them, the heat and vibration from the car made their FACES MELT OFF!!!! LOL!!!  Take a peek:

melted pandas

The panda bear heads are actually mini cupcakes turned on their sides… and the frosting just couldn’t hold up on the car ride.  A little bit ‘mushy’ eh?  Hee hee hee… Oh well… they were fun to play around with.  But I think I like how my butterflies turned out MUCH better than these little guys.

The get-together I took these melty bears to gave me a chance to snap a picture of my kiddos with some of their cousins.  And of COURSE it’s MY kid who has to throw the ‘oh no you aren’t going to take my picture’ fit!!! Argh!  It was a miracle we even got this ONE shot of him!

Ty in group

All of the other shots we had of him were worse than this one… at least in this one it only looks like he’s trying to escape… instead of throwing a gigantic tantrum!  (Which he WAS doing.) LOL!  Aren’t they a cute bunch!?!?  They are all great kids… we’re lucky to have such a wonderful group of cousins!

Oh… and check out the candy-gram my girls made Matt for his birthday last week:

matt with candygram

Fun huh?  They made up a ‘treasure hunt’ using clues they placed through the house to lead him to where it was!  He had to WORK for his gift… hee hee hee…

I thought I would show ya some fantastic layouts I’ve received lately using one of my kits, ‘Autumn Splendor.’  I know it’s Spring and all… but I’ve received a bunch of these lately… so I just thought I would stick ‘em up here for you to see!  Here is a preview of the main kit:


And here are some layouts… this first one is from a while ago actually… but I never got around to showing it.  It’s from Hutchie!

hutchie loveliestsmilejpg450

These next three are from Marlene:

mar lene BL_LO_03

mar lene BL_LO_02

Marlene BL_LO_05

And here are a couple more from Bre!

bre WNY-fall

bre the-chase

Aren’t they all great! I LOVE seeing pages using my gear… so fun!  And Breon put together ANOTHER QP to share with you guys… woohoo! 


Here is the download link: (link has expired)

Hope you’re all having a great day… I have to go in to the DENTIST later this afternoon… ugh!  About a third of my very back tooth (on the bottom) BROKE OFF the other day.  What was I eating you might ask?  Bread!  Just regular sandwich bread!  Guess that tooth was REALLY ready to fall apart eh?  LOL!  So… wish me luck… I’m trying out a brand new dentist… haven’t ever been to him before.  Again… I say : UGH.  I do NOT like the dentist…

While I’m off getting my mouth drilled… don’t forget about the extended 25% off sale on ‘Joanne’s Eggs’ and ‘Joanne’s Egg-stra Eggs!’  Have a good one!