Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vampire Attack

I know I’ve been MIA on my blog lately… but remember last time when I was just ‘feeling a big sluggish?’  Well... it was a precursor to being actually SICK.  Ugh.  And it just won’t GO AWAY!  I blame it all on my husband, Matt.  He pretty much NEVER gets sick… and he DID a little while ago.  So I figured that if something was strong enough to get HIM sick… I would most likely get it too.  (and I did of course)  LOL!

I was chatting with my friend, Mary, on the phone today… and she mentioned that her sister has something similar to me… and that her ‘throat felt like it was burning.’  And that’s part of what I have too!  My throat is just burning and it HURTS!  I told her that I am just like those vampires in the Twilight books (cause they always say that their throats are burning)… so I guess I must have been bitten in my sleep or something… hee hee hee…  So I’m gonna call it my ‘vampire attack.’

Well... while I’ve been busy being a lazy good for nothing sicko… I have friends who have been actually putting together gorgeous scrap stuff for ya!  LOL!  Kristine (you are SUCH A SWEETIE!!!) made this page a bit ago with my last kit…

Kristine Thankful-600

She also used a gorgeous bit of word art by the oh-so-talented Miss Bunny.  (you can snag it on HER blog HERE.)  AND… since Kristine is just beyond being cool… she turned her gorgeous page into a quick page for all of you!!! WOOHOO!


Hop on by her blog HERE to pick it up!  THANKS girly!!!  I love it!

Hope you’re all feeling better than I am… ha ha ha… and I will be back soon… I hope… LOL!  I just can’t ‘concentrate’ very well on anything for too long right now.  (Guess I’m not REALLY a vampire then right??? Didn’t they have like AMAZING mental abilities in those books??? Hee hee hee…)

Chat with ya later! 

Oh… wait wait wait… I almost forgot.  My January Scraplift Challenge will be over at the end of the week… so hurry on over to DSO (click HERE) to learn all about this fun challenge and you can earn yourself a posting bonus for FREE just for playing along!


I’ll be hosting it again in February if you absolutely HAVE TO WAIT till next week… LOL!  I’ll show ya the posting bonus for THAT at the start of the month. 

Bye for now!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Bit Sluggish

I think my post title pretty much ‘says it all’ for me over the past few days!  LOL!  I’m really not feeling so hot and all I want to do is climb back into a warm bed.  (It’s cooooold here!)  I’ve been trying to avoid my computer actually… (and not getting anything done that I’ve been planning to get done… LOL!) but I wanted to pop in here and say ‘hello’ this morning at least.

I didn’t want to forget to tell you about my Autumn Splendor Brag Book’ being 25% off right now too!


You can take advantage of this sale all of the way through this coming Saturday.

Well… hope you’re all staying healthy and warm!  Chat with ya as soon as I get some of my energy back.    {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Last Chance

I wasn’t going to blog till Monday… but I remembered that today is that LAST DAY you can take advantage of my ‘FREE Brag Book with purchase’ offer… so I thought I would pop on here really quick and remind you!  LOL!

Here is my new kit : ‘Autumn Splendor.’


And if you buy it now at 25% off --- you can have this full 12 page Brag Book set for FREE!!! (just email me your invoice # and I will send you the link to download it!)


(Keep scrolling down through my past posts for some coordinating freebies to this kit…)

And really quick… here are a few more pages I received using my kit:

This first page is from Luisa:

luisa iloveu_scraplift

Here is another great page by Elaine:


Check out this beauty from Ruth!!!

Ruth 2R_u_have_my_HEART

And here is one sent to me by Jenni (Chaos Lounge):

jenni Delicious-Autumn

Gotta run… my kids think that they need to ‘eat’ or something… LOL!  Then we’re headed out the door for a full day of shopping and other random errands. 

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!  And don’t forget… today is the last day to get that FREE brag book set.  I’ll put it up in the store at regular price after today.  {{{HUGS}}}

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

‘WE’ Love Our ‘Wii’ --- And LOTS Of Eye Candy!

Our family has been enjoying a present given to us by my grandfather this Christmas… a Wii game system.  Anybody else have one of these things?  They are so much fun!  We are such dorks with it too… we’ve had MANY a late night staying up playing tennis, darts, bowling, baseball, MarioKart, basketball, carnival games, etc etc etc… My oldest son’s favorite game is golf.  Now keep in mind that my ‘oldest’ son is only 3!  He just loves swinging around the remote and shouting ‘I got a Bogey’ (which means one over par in golf).   I’m not exactly sure where this tag line came from… but he says it every time he hits the ball now! LOL!


Just look at that concentration while racing their go-karts!!! (And their mouths stuffed full of pretzels! LOL!)


And Tyler just watches the action --- eating pretzels and grinning from ear to ear!  (I think he’ll have to grow a bit more before jumping into the Wii action.)

I also wanted to remind you about my new kit: Autumn Splendor which is still on sale at 25% off through January 17th.


And when you buy the kit… you can have this full 12 page Brag Book for FREE!  If you want it, send me an email with your invoice # and I’ll send you the link to download it!  (my email is in my TOU’s… or you can send me a private message at DSO)


Here is some more eye candy using my kit sent to me by some talented & fabulous ladies!

Renee jazz art ring layout

Renee is scrapping a wedding album… and put this GORGEOUS page together the other day.  I love that ‘putting on the ring’ pic!

Renee using jazz word art and AS

Here is a stunning two pager also sent to me by Renee (click on it to enlarge it)… didn’t she do a fantastic job!!! WOOHOO!  What an amazing wedding dress train!!!

caryn CLS_AutumnSplendor1

Caryn made me this lovely and thoughtful page… her text reads: “A fallen leaf is nothing more than summer's wave goodbye.” LOVE that!

loucee jazz art and AS leyla2

And sweet, sweet Loucee took time out to scrap this amazing layout for me too!!! Luv ya Lou! MWAH!


Isn’t this little critter adorable!!??? It’s an African Pigmy Hedgehog!!!  (say that ten times fast… LOL)  Love the clustering and layers in this one Lainey!


And even Miss Kim herself used my kit to create this “purrfect’ page!!!  LOVE it!  And if you pop on over to her blog, you can pick up this page as a FREEBIE Quick Page!  Thanks so much Kim!

As a ‘thank you’ for making it through this LOOOOOONG post today (hee hee hee…) here is another freebie for ya… 2 full alpha sets that coordinate with my Autumn Splendor kit.  (It includes 2 number sets, 2 capital alphas, and some symbols.)


Here is the download link for ya:

(link has expired)

And if you would like MORE freebies… keep scrolling down through the past couple of posts where you can pick up an Add On pack to my kit as well as a Quick Page that was created using the FANTASTIC new grab bag by Kim Broedelet! (which is on sale for the STEAL OF A DEAL of only $8!!!  Just until Friday at midnight though… so HURRY!)


Thanks for stopping by!!!  And in my next post I will have something ‘CREATIVE’ to share with you!  **heh heh heh**

Monday, January 12, 2009

Autumn Splendor!

I’m so happy it’s a new year… the holidays are behind us and I have finally had a chance to sit down and ‘play’ on my computer!  LOL!  I put together a new kit for sale in my store using some of my favorite colors and textures.  When I looked at the color palette I chose, it reminded me of Autumn… (which happens to be my favorite season) so there you have it!  “Autumn Splendor” evolved into what you see here:


I know it’s not Autumn anymore – but this kit can really be used all through the year.  It pulls earthy, warm, and rich color from nature and it has a variety of buttons, ribbons, bows, and glitter splotches.  There are LOTS of mixed and blended tones in the papers - and this kit also contains a large selection of leaves.  I’m a BIG fan of cluster frames… so I threw in a couple of those along with some ‘stand alone’ frames as well. 

All together Autumn Splendor contains 12 papers and 53 elements!  (And I put a bunch of stitched photo corners in there for my good friend, Jacki, who is ALWAYS requesting them from me!  Those are for YOU Jacki!  LOL!)

AND AND AND… this kit will be on sale at 25% off the regular price for one week only.  (Through January 17th) 

AND AND AND… if you buy Autumn Splendor THIS WEEK (through January 17th) you can also get this 12 page Brag Book set matching the kit for FREE!!!


All you have to do if you want the FREE Brag Book set is email me your invoice number after purchasing the kit (my email address is in the TOU’s in the download – or you can send me a PM at DigiScrapObsession) and I will send you a link to download the entire set.  Woohoo!  After January 17th I’ll put the set up separately into my store at regular price.

Wanna see a few pages created using this kit?


The layout above was sent to me by Jacki --- didn’t she do a fantastic job?!?!  Her son is so cute!


Here is another one by Jacki – an amazing two pager… those sand sculptures are so cool! (click the image to see it closer up)

Luna Pamela AmazingSm

Pamela created this beauty… don’t you just love that smile?  (thanks for sending it to me!)

And of course I have a freebie for you too!  Here is an Add On sampler pack that matches Autumn Splendor:


Here is the link to download it:

(link has expired)

I hope you like it… and pop on over to DSO to check out my kit and take advantage of the 25% off sale and the FREE brag book this week. 


Friday, January 9, 2009

You’re Know You’re Getting Older When…

Remember when you were in college and could pull those ‘all night cram sessions’ and then take your test the next day without feeling worn out??? Or remember going out on long dates or activities where you get home waaaaaaay past midnight… and all you need is a quick cat nap to refresh yourself?  Well… I guess I’m just not a spring chicken anymore.  Last night my good friend, Jacki, hosted one of her fun scrapbooking get-togethers… and I didn’t even stay quite till midnight… and now I’m bushed!!!  How pathetic am I???? WAHAHAHA!  I think I’ve just had too many nights in a row of not sleeping well… and it finally caught up with me.  (and I guess there’s also that whole ‘I have 4 kids’ thing… LOL! Excuses, excuses…) Argh… ‘oh to be 19 again eh?’  (at least I’ll always be 19 in my head… hee hee hee…)

Soooo… today will be a short post.  (Hard to make it a long one --- and have it make any SENSE when you’re bleary eyed)

I wanted to share with you a layout I made yesterday with some of the fantastic new gear from Kim Broedelet’s January grab bag.

Inside and Out

Her bag is on SALE right now if you hurry… make sure to snag it before midnight on January 16th to get a steal of a deal!!!  (This thing is jam packed with HIGH QUALITY items that are worth way way way way more than $8)


I also turned my layout into a quick page freebie for you to use if ya like.  Hope you can find a use for it.


Here is the link to download it:

(link has expired)

Make sure to check out Kim’s new grab bag… and enjoy your upcoming weekend!!!  Bye for now!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well… We Survived

Anybody else feel that way about the holiday season this year? LOL!  I feel like I can finally exhale… **breathe in, breathe out**  School has STARTED AGAIN (woohoo!) – and we are all back into our normal routine.

Here are a few shots of our Christmas chaos from the past week or so :


Our kiddos slept in front of the Christmas tree out at my husband’s parents’ place.  (We started out at their place for Christmas… and later celebrated Christmas ‘again’ at my parents’ place over New Years.)  My girls wrote some ADORABLE letters to Santa and left them under the tree. 


I finally got around to printing out our Disney World vacation pics… so the girls had fun looking through their new album!


Forget about all the ‘real’ presents… our little ‘Harry Potter’ look alike here just wanted a plain old pencil and paper!


Look how cute this little ‘sleigh’ is!!!  My mom baked mini bread loaves, put candy canes under them, made an elf ornament to stick on the top, and placed them at our dinner plates with our names on them!  Too cute eh?  (My mom is pretty much the queen of crafty!)


My mom also MADE OUR STOCKINGS!  My grandmother actually started the tradition – but my mom has taken on the ‘stocking maker position’ since my grandma passed away.  Hard to see, but our names are all embroidered on them.  Aren’t they cute against my mom’s fireplace?


Kaitlyn entertained us by playing Christmas carols.


I have the BEST MOM in the universe… she makes working in the kitchen FUN by having us all wear Santa aprons and hats.  Pretty ridiculous… but a BLAST! 


My mom also happens to make the best cookies in the WORLD… and my kids associate cookie making with HER.  (not me… LOL!)  They have so much fun helping her bake cookies each time we visit.


Here are my boys RACING through my mom’s kitchen.  They are SOOOO helpful in there!  WAHAHAHA!


This one is ‘trouble’ with a capital “T!”

Anyway… congrats on making it through my boring family photos… LOL!  I happen to like my crazy crew… and it’s fun to show them off once in a while.  :-)

For making it through this ‘picture post’ today --- I thought I would offer you a freebie!  I took the posting bonus I’m offering over at DIgiScrapObsession (for the scraplift challenge) and put together a couple of brag book pages for you.  (Click HERE to check out my challenge if you’re interested in getting the full posting bonus kit for free.  Oh… and keep scrolling down if you want to see the posting bonus a bit closer up.)


Here is the download link for ya:

(link has expired)

Hope you all enjoyed your New Year’s and Christmas too!