Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Are you all enjoying Black Friday???? Getting lots of fantastic deals on your shopping trips? I'm about to pop over to watch my girls dance in a production of 'The Nutcracker.' I'm so excited to see them!!! They have been practicing for so long and have been working so hard.... and the show will get us all into the Christmas spirit. (Thanksgiving is over.... so it's Christmas season now right??? LOL!)

Anyway... I wanted to let you know about one of the MANY great Black Friday deals that are going on today.... Kim Broedelet has a FANTASTIC Black Friday grab bag --- a STEAL of a deal. (as always)

AND AND AND..... FOR TODAY ONLY HER ENTIRE STORE IS HAVING A MAJOR SALE!!!! Here is your chance to scoop up all of those Kim B kits that you have been wanting to get... but haven't gotten around to it yet....

And don't forget that she has a CUTE CUTE CUTE new Christmas kit for sale right now too called "From Santa With Love." Here are a couple of brag book pages I made for you from her fun new kit:

Here is the dowload link:
(link has expired)

Have fun shopping today!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble...

Hi there! And Happy Thanksgiving! (Although.... from the number of gifts/freebies on Kim B's blog today, you'd think it was Christmas!) Hope you're all planning an enjoyable day... I'm preparing myself for a massive 'stuff my stomach past capacity' meal... Thanksgiving is all about 'go big, or go home' right??? LOL!

Anyway.... I wanted to pop on here today and let you know about a FANTASTIC and FUN new Christmas kit
Kim Broedelet has up for sale. It's called: 'From Santa With Love' and it's full of hand drawn doodles, realistic greenery, and gorgeous papers/elements!!! SO SO SO cute!!!

Here is one of the layouts I put together using this kit:

And I started another layout with the same kit.... and it kind of 'evolved' into a layout using bits and pieces of lots of Kim's kits! hee hee hee.... It's still Christmas-y though.... so I thought I would show ya.

I used: Papers and elements from
Kim's 'From Santa With Love', the 'From Santa With Love' alpha freebie from Kim's blog the other day, swirls and bow from Kim's 'Heartfelt' kit, a few sparkles from Kim's 'Sparkles' pack, TONS of snowflakes from Kim's awesome 'Flakeys' kit, some sparkles from her 'I Believe' set, and a frame from the 'Weathered Frames' pack. Phew.... hope I remembered it all! But.... all you have to know is that it's ALL Kim's great stuff.... so go check out her store. Ha ha ha....

And.... if you're interested in a couple of Christmas quick pages, here ya go! I turned one of my pages into a freebie for you guys. The zip file has two pages in it... one with the word art and one without the wort art. (Which is from Kim's 'Words For You' set. LOVE that set!)

Here is the download link:
(link has expired)

Have a fantastic day! (And hopefully stuff yourselves with some yummy food!!!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving? What's That?

Ummm..... anybody else notice how we skipped right from Halloween to Christmas? The radio stations are already playing Christmas music, the stores are decorated for Christmas, all of the TV commercials are about Christmas gifts.... aaaaaakkkkk!!! And here I was really looking forward to Thanksgiving.... one of the few holidays where you don't have to buy anybody any presents, you get to hang out with family (ok.... well... between the guys watching the football games that is...), eat YUMMY food, and take a nap! What's not to love?!?

So my last blog post had some Halloween pics in it.... and THIS post will have one of my favorite pics from last CHRISTMAS in it. hee hee hee.... Guess I'm skipping Thanksgiving too!

Here are two of my crazy kiddos hanging out with my mom last year. My mom is the BEST cookie maker in the world... and she always lets the kids help her in the kitchen. They get to wear Santa aprons and Santa hats while decorating of course! LOL!
I put together a layout using some of our funny Santa Hat pics with some of the AMAZING gear in Kim Broedelet's new Christmas Goodies GRAB BAG:

Click HERE for full credits.

Kim has a great sale going right now on her FANTASTIC grab bag: (I can't believe it's only $6.00 right now!!! It's a steal of a deal!!!)

AND AND AND.... all of her Christmas themed kits/gear are marked down for a short time too! Woohoo! This is the time to grab her great Christmas kits!

One of my favorite past Christmas kits from Kim is her Purple Chritmas kit.

Here are a couple layouts I made last year using this gorgeous gear:

Just to prove to you how WONDERFUL Kim's new Christmas Grab Bag is.... I put together a small freebie for you so you can sample a teeny tiny bit of it for yourselves. There are 4 papers and a snowflake page border for you to scrap with. Snag it if ya wanna!

Here is the download link:
(link has expired)

Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to do some Christmas shopping.... Ha ha ha!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Queen For The Day! Happy B-Day Kim!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!!! (I know your birthday is actually on November 4th.... but I'm going to bed EARLY for once tonight! LOL! Besides... you're in South Africa.... and about 9 hours ahead of where I am.... sooo..... by the time you might see this, it will be about midnight your time! That counts as your birthday right???)

And I am not the ONLY one who wants to wish you a FABULOUS birthday....

(Layout credits: "Dress Me Up" freebie from Cinnamon Designs.)

Kim - thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a good friend. You're always there to listen when I need it, or to make me laugh, and help encourage me to reach for my dreams. Your bright, energetic spirit is contagious... and I'm one of the LUCKY ducks who is constantly INFECTED! LOL! Your CT and friends - who love ya to bits and pieces - have put our heads together and would like to give your blog readers/fans a birthday gift in honor of YOU!

Soooo..... prepare to do some major Blog Hopping today everybody!!!! Hee hee hee.... just wait till you see our list of links! The rest of Kim's CT took pity on me and asked me to put together some brag book pages with the kit pieces they created.... (thanks for doing all the hard work ladies!) Here is my contribution to Kim's birthday kit : "Gratitude."

You can download my part of the gift at the link below: (And if you download... PLEASE take a second or two of your time today to go over to Kim's BLOG and wish her a FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY! She does SO MUCH for all of us (freebies and entertainment galore!!!) so take a moment to give HER a smile on her big day! Thanks!

(link has expired)

And here are the rest of the links for you all to continue on your 'Queen Kim' blog hopping journey: (Keep in mind that we will all be posting at different times of the day.... since we are all around the world... so if a page isn't updated yet, try again later.)
AND AND AND.... (yup... this is a VERY long post) Don't forget --- Kim's entire store is on SALE at the moment.... so make sure you take advantage of that! The quality of her work is AMAZING and you won't be sorry you checked HER STORE out.

Kim's Grab Bags are the BEST DEAL OUT THERE.... (it's incredible how much stuff you get in those bags!!! Really a steal of a deal...) and if you buy them both together, you get a bonus brag book to boot!

Did you make it to the end??? Phew! Thanks for hanging in there.... and I hope you have a great day!