Monday, July 21, 2008

50% off Sale For Jazzy!!!

One of our fellow designers at DSO has suffered a great loss this weekend.... and our hearts just hurt for her loss. In an attempt to help her out, DSO is placing selected designers stores on sale for TODAY ONLY at 50% off! (including mine) ALL money spent today in the DSO store will be donated to Jazzy.

This has to be a quick post from me today.... but please visit Kim's Blog for the full details. And please also visit Jazzy's blog and leave her a kind 'hello' or any other words of comfort you might have.

We LOVE Jazz... she's always encouraging, supporting, and lifting all of us up. She is a genuinely GOOD person who loves the people around her.

Enjoy the sale at DSO today.... and please keep Jazzy in your thoughts as well.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Softly Sweet BB Kit... and a NEW FREEBIE!

Have any of you ever run through sprinklers? Have you ever done it for so long that you had to wring all the water out of your clothes cause you were SOAKED THROUGH? LOL! That's what my kiddos were up to last night at the park. We were enjoying some AMAZING weather outside.... and all of a sudden the sprinklers came on! (**Imagine lots of screams here**) After the initial shock wore off, all 4 of my kids decided that the water was actually FUN and spent the rest of the evening getting drenched!!! Ha ha ha! It was interesting getting them back into the van and back home again after that.... but it was worth it if just for the looks of glee on my kiddos faces!

Here are some pics of my youngest...

He's the BIGGEST troublemaker of them all!!! LOL! Just look at that face.... he's just looking for mischief to get into!

Sooooo...... (changing topics) Kim Broedelet and I have a NEW collaboration for sale at DSO today. It's a full 12 page brag book set that was created from Kim's kit: "Softly Sweet." And it's oh-so-creatively named: "Softly Sweet Brag Book." Ha ha ha! Check out the Softly Sweet Brag Book set HERE and snag it NOW while it is on SALE @ 25% off for the first week! (Run... run... run.... go now!)

AND AND AND.... for YOU (my blog readers), I am offering this free EXTRA PAGE that matches the new set! Tomorrow
Kim will have a SECOND EXTRA PAGE up for you on her blog too.... so make sure you visit her tomorrow to snag it! (It's hard to read it on this small preview... but the words on the page read: "Bloom Where You're Planted.")

Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

Don't forget to check out the new
Softly Sweet Brag Book at DSO while it's @ 25% off! Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you enjoy the brag book page.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Incredibly Sneaky Guy!

I happen to be married to an INCREDIBLY SNEAKY GUY!!I'm going to keep this post quick today (It's my birthday and I want to go 'play' - LOL!) but I have to brag about what an amazing liar I'm hitched to. Ha ha ha!

On Saturday, my husband actually managed to surprise me with a HUGE birthday party!!! I'm 30 this year, so I suppose he thought 30 was 'party worthy'.... He's been lying to me for about 4 solid months now getting all the plans straightened out. (I'm so proud! hee hee hee...) He bought all the food, came up with clever lies, invited over 60 people, didn't even tell the kids about it (cause you KNOW they would've blabbed), and managed to not give me the smallest, teenie tiniest hint about what was going on! I had a WONDERFUL time and felt extremely spoiled! (I've never had a surprise party before.... and the whole thing was a bit surreal for me.... I couldn't believe it was for ME!) My mom was there too - and she had created these big poster board thingys with pictures all over them from my entire life! (Yup... some embarrassing ones too.... ha ha!) Needless to say, I felt very loved.

Oh... and for those of you who read my last post.... the party ended up being the 'date' that my husband said he was taking me on. LOL! It was the best 'date' I've even been on! Woohoo!

So.... on my birthday, I want to give YOU guys a little present. Here is a quick page I put together from Kim Broedelet's GORGEOUS new kit called Softly Sweet. Hope you like it!

Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

Have a great day!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another FREEBIE... And I've Been Published!

So before I get into the FREEBIE and the other news.... I just wanted to say 'thanks' for all the nice comments and 'luv' left from yesterday! Guess we'll just have to keep making MEGA kits for ya'll to download eh? (Visit my post from yesterday to download my part of the Scrap Journal MEGA kit freebie.)

Some fun news I have for you today.... I've been published in Digital Artist Magazine for July!

A layout I made for Kim Broedelet was chosen as part of their 'Summer Layout' inspiration section. Woohoo! (My daughter now thinks she's famous cause it was HER picture I used in the layout.... and she "can't believe" that she's in a magazine!!!! LOL!)

My kit 'Rainy Daze & Sunshine' is still @ 50% off! You can get it HERE. (It won't be marked down for long - snag it while it's on sale!) Check out the NEW look DSO is sporting too!

KIM sent me this amazing layout using my kit:

I JUST LOVE IT!!!! BIG HUGS for ya Kimmie!!!

And since Kim's layout put me in a good mood (LOL!) I thought I would throw together a little 'Mini-Kit-Add-On' to Rainy Daze & Sunshine for you.

Hope you like it! Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

Don't forget to scroll down and download the MEGA kit freebie as well as a pair of BB pages made from my new kit. Enjoy! Have a great weekend! (My sweetie is taking me out on some kind of 'surprise date' tomorrow for an early birthday treat. He even arranged the babysitter!!! I'm in shock!!! LOL!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

BIG, BIG, BIG NEWS!!! And a BIG freebie!

Woooooohoooooo! Hope you're ready to shop.... cause RIGHT NOW is the BEST time to pop on over to the NEW & IMPROVED DSO! The ENTIRE STORE is 50% for 3 days only! (for items $1 and up.)

DSO has a NEW look, a NEW forum, a NEW gallery, NEW challenges, and TONS of NEW products today! (ALL of which are currently 50% off!!!) This amazing sale includes my new kit: "Rainy Daze & Sunshine" which you can buy by clicking HERE!

AND.... to celebrate with the NEW store & NEW kit.... I have a NEW blinkie! Snag it if ya like it.... feel free to wear it around the web.

Ok..... (still with me?) LOL!

On to the BIG FREEBIE part of this post... To get our new DSO party started right, the DSO designers have all come together to make a MEGA freebie kit for all of you! It coordinates with the NEW DSO color scheme --- and it's called: "Scrap Journal!" This kit is GIGANTIC!!! We've just kept adding to it... even after the previews (below) were created. So get this: it's now grown to over 65 papers and over 100 elements!!! AND Scrap Journal has a full alpha set and word art collection to boot!!! This MEGA freebie will only be up till midnight on Sunday - then it will be up for sale at DSO... so start DSO designer blog hopping now and collect all the pieces!

Here are the main group previews for Scrap Journal:

And here are all the blog links where you can pick up each piece of this MEGA freebie kit:

Kim Broedelet + Jazzy too!

Here is my piece of the "Scrap Journal" MEGA kit puzzle:

Hope you like it! Here is my download link:
(Link Has Expired.... Full MEGA kit will be available for purchase at DSO.)

REMEMBER: 3 days only the whole store at DSO is 50% off.... including my NEW KIT: "Rainy Daze & Sunshine!" Happy shopping! And enjoy the MEGA "Scrap Journal" freebie!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hooray! Kit Will Be Up Tomorrow!!!

Hi there! I forgot to mention in my last post that my son turned 3 yrs. old over the 4th of July holiday.... we celebrated very casually at my parents' place at the beach.

My BIG project now is to start the DREADED JOB of potty training! Ugh. Double ugh. Triple ugh. Don't wanna. Anybody want to make some extra cash..... I'll PAY YOU to do it FOR ME??? LOL! In all fairness though... he is MORE than ready for it! He asks ME all the time if he can 'go on the potty seat' etc etc etc. But I still don't wanna. Ha ha ha ha!

On a 'happier' note - my NEW KIT will be up for sale tomorrow at DSO! Woohoo! (Might even be up starting at midnight.... so if you're a night owl like me, you can pop on over to DSO while you're doing your late night blog hopping!)

Here is a preview:

This kit has 11 papers and 35 elements (obviously NOT all shown in the preview) and was a lot of fun to make. You can use it for those sunny summer photos, rainy day shots, or anything in between! Jump in a puddle, play in the rain, go fly a kite, peek through a window, or just bask in the sun with this kit! I really enjoyed making the rain drops/puddles as well as the different types of frames in this kit - and there are LOTS of all of them! Enjoy!

And because I feel like celebrating (Woohoo!) - here is a freebie for my blog readers:

Hope you like these - two brag books pages made with my new kit: Rainy Daze & Sunshine. Snag 'em now, they will up for a limited time only.

Here is the download link:

(Link has expired.... pages will be available in the bargain bin at DSO soon.)

BIG NEWS is coming tomorrow...... make sure you come back to my blog in the morning..... and that's ALL I'M SAYING for now! WAHAHAHA!!!! You won't be sorry! See ya later!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

We're Back!

Hope you all had a FUN 4th of July weekend! My family just got back from celebrating at the Oregon coast. I've pretty much grown up celebrating the 4th at the beach... even when I was a young girl, we would travel to the beach for fireworks and to spend time with my grandparents. (Who had a house right on the beachfront.) Now that I'm 'old' (LOL!), I STILL go to the beach each year for the 4th.... my parents now live right on the beach too.... which makes it WONDERFUL when we want to have a 'beach day' with our kiddos and enjoy some fun in the sun!

The 4th of July is hands down THE BEST holiday here in America! You've got fireworks to enjoy, yummy food to eat (with no specific set menu like on Thanksgiving), friends to visit with, great weather, it's ok to dress up a bit crazy, parades, everybody comes together in our country, and BEST of all.... no presents to buy anybody! Ha ha ha! (Christmas time, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day etc etc etc sure can get expensive!) I guess I'm partial to July anyway though since it's my birthday month too! LOL!

Here is a pic of my girls from Friday:

They were SOOOOOOO excited this year.... they got to be PART of a parade! Woohoo! They had fun throwing candy from the back of a truck to eager parade watchers along the sidewalk! (The cute frame I used above is from RCMama's kit: "Let Freedom Ring" - which you can get HERE.)

Been to visit the NEW AND IMPROVED DSO yet?????

LOTS of fun things going on there.... make sure you check it out. One of the new challenges at DSO is the DSO Do-sie (Doo-zee) challenge. Check it out HERE. Each week there will be a new challenge posted... along with a participation prize. This week's DSO Do-sie challenged us to scrap a pic of where we are from... our homes. I put together this layout with one of my MANY pics of the beach here in Oregon:

Credits: Bits & Bobs 2, Stack N Notes, Age It Quick, Edge It Grungy Grids, Denim Flair, Unda Da Sea, Paper Textures Overlays all by Kim Broedelet Fonts Are: Map Dings (to create the shape of the state of Oregon) Sliced Juice and Social Animal.

Gotta run.... but make sure you check out the fun challenges at DSO... including the DSO Do-sies! I hope you all had a great weekend!