Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well… We Survived

Anybody else feel that way about the holiday season this year? LOL!  I feel like I can finally exhale… **breathe in, breathe out**  School has STARTED AGAIN (woohoo!) – and we are all back into our normal routine.

Here are a few shots of our Christmas chaos from the past week or so :


Our kiddos slept in front of the Christmas tree out at my husband’s parents’ place.  (We started out at their place for Christmas… and later celebrated Christmas ‘again’ at my parents’ place over New Years.)  My girls wrote some ADORABLE letters to Santa and left them under the tree. 


I finally got around to printing out our Disney World vacation pics… so the girls had fun looking through their new album!


Forget about all the ‘real’ presents… our little ‘Harry Potter’ look alike here just wanted a plain old pencil and paper!


Look how cute this little ‘sleigh’ is!!!  My mom baked mini bread loaves, put candy canes under them, made an elf ornament to stick on the top, and placed them at our dinner plates with our names on them!  Too cute eh?  (My mom is pretty much the queen of crafty!)


My mom also MADE OUR STOCKINGS!  My grandmother actually started the tradition – but my mom has taken on the ‘stocking maker position’ since my grandma passed away.  Hard to see, but our names are all embroidered on them.  Aren’t they cute against my mom’s fireplace?


Kaitlyn entertained us by playing Christmas carols.


I have the BEST MOM in the universe… she makes working in the kitchen FUN by having us all wear Santa aprons and hats.  Pretty ridiculous… but a BLAST! 


My mom also happens to make the best cookies in the WORLD… and my kids associate cookie making with HER.  (not me… LOL!)  They have so much fun helping her bake cookies each time we visit.


Here are my boys RACING through my mom’s kitchen.  They are SOOOO helpful in there!  WAHAHAHA!


This one is ‘trouble’ with a capital “T!”

Anyway… congrats on making it through my boring family photos… LOL!  I happen to like my crazy crew… and it’s fun to show them off once in a while.  :-)

For making it through this ‘picture post’ today --- I thought I would offer you a freebie!  I took the posting bonus I’m offering over at DIgiScrapObsession (for the scraplift challenge) and put together a couple of brag book pages for you.  (Click HERE to check out my challenge if you’re interested in getting the full posting bonus kit for free.  Oh… and keep scrolling down if you want to see the posting bonus a bit closer up.)


Here is the download link for ya:

(link has expired)

Hope you all enjoyed your New Year’s and Christmas too!


5peasinapod said...

Those are some great photos! I really like that sleigh! Too cute! Have a happy new year!

Kristine said...

Hee Hee...your pictures are great Beth but your little fellas are too flippin' funny!!! WAHAHAHAHA!!!! They look like little TERRORS!!!!

Lilja said...

It was so much fun looking through your photos!! Your household must be a lot of fun :)
Happy New Year!

Roper said...

OMG!....what a face that little one has LOLLLLL.
Thanks for the goodies.

Luisa said...

Thanks for the awesome BB pages, and seems that you had great holidays, I am so glad you survived and how cute are your kids!!

Mommy Noffy said...

What great photos! I love the "harry potter" one--too cute

KimberlyRae said...

OHHHHHH....I'm so glad I 'finally' got over here! Wow....some cute kids you have and Love love lvoe the blog! thank you for your sweet visit to mine :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 06 Jan [LA 09:00pm] - 07 Jan [NY 12:00am, UK 05:00am, OZ 04:00pm] ).

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for sharing both your wonderful family photos and the beautiful QP. I just love the colors!

LouCeeCreations said...

your photo's of christmas are lovely as so is your little 'T' lol!
Your mum can come to my house and we can craft together all day long lol! Those little bread namelets are too cute :)

Satina said...

Those are GREAT photos, never boring. I love when you share! Those sleigh bread place cards are ADORABLE! You do have a great mom, and I love the picture of you and her in the kitchen, you are still so gorgeous! Love you!

JanMary said...

I love your photos.

The one of your daughter at the piano reminds me of my daughter playing the piano on Christmas Even (there is a pic in that post in my blog).

You obviously had a busy and fun-filled time.

KourtysMom said...

Looks like a great Christmas was had. Thanks for sharing your pics, and this great scrap.

Bunny Cates said...

lol. beth your kids are so stinkin cute!

Jacki said...

Cute pics! Thanks for the brag book pages too! I want to see your Disney pics- did you decide what to do with them?

eilajean said...

Very soothing and beautiful pages, thanks so much for sharing!

Pamela said...

Aww, your kids are soo cute Beth. And I loove loove what your mom did with the mini loaves. I wish I would of seen those BEFORE Christmas as I made mini loaves myself. But mine were just wrapped in colored plastic wrap DER LOL!!! I'm glad ya'll had a great Christmas and you all have a safe and happy New Year...Pamela

(ps..my little guy TRIED to start sleeping under the tree as soon as it was up. I asked him why, "so I won't miss Santa" of course ROTF!!) I had to retrieve him a couple times in the middle of the night and put him back in bed through out December :-)

Mrs. Miles said...

Awww - your children are SO adorable, Beth, and looks like Christmas really was a time of chaos and fun. I'm tired out just looking at the pictures!

Love your mom's big ol fireplace and mantle. Your mom is THE best! I don't have a mom any more, so treasure yours for me, ok?

Happy New Year and THANK YOU! I'm going to add your link to my blog - I thought I HAD at some point?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Thank you!

Susie said...

Thank you Beth, loved looking at your Christmas Pics, thank you for the brag book pages!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO late in reading about your Christmas last year. Just wanted you to know how very much I loved reading about it and seeing the pictures too. Your little ones are SO ADORABLE...I know you're very proud of them. Also, your mother sounds wonderful and I just had to tell you to look closely at her pics....she looks SO MUCH like Susan Sarandon, my most favorite actress EVER!!!!!!!! I am so much like your mom...I'm the crafty one and I bake cookies with the little ones, etc. It sure makes life FUN!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas with me....it made me jealous...you'd have to know MY mom!!!!!!!
Sue Tice