Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vampire Attack

I know I’ve been MIA on my blog lately… but remember last time when I was just ‘feeling a big sluggish?’  Well... it was a precursor to being actually SICK.  Ugh.  And it just won’t GO AWAY!  I blame it all on my husband, Matt.  He pretty much NEVER gets sick… and he DID a little while ago.  So I figured that if something was strong enough to get HIM sick… I would most likely get it too.  (and I did of course)  LOL!

I was chatting with my friend, Mary, on the phone today… and she mentioned that her sister has something similar to me… and that her ‘throat felt like it was burning.’  And that’s part of what I have too!  My throat is just burning and it HURTS!  I told her that I am just like those vampires in the Twilight books (cause they always say that their throats are burning)… so I guess I must have been bitten in my sleep or something… hee hee hee…  So I’m gonna call it my ‘vampire attack.’

Well... while I’ve been busy being a lazy good for nothing sicko… I have friends who have been actually putting together gorgeous scrap stuff for ya!  LOL!  Kristine (you are SUCH A SWEETIE!!!) made this page a bit ago with my last kit…

Kristine Thankful-600

She also used a gorgeous bit of word art by the oh-so-talented Miss Bunny.  (you can snag it on HER blog HERE.)  AND… since Kristine is just beyond being cool… she turned her gorgeous page into a quick page for all of you!!! WOOHOO!


Hop on by her blog HERE to pick it up!  THANKS girly!!!  I love it!

Hope you’re all feeling better than I am… ha ha ha… and I will be back soon… I hope… LOL!  I just can’t ‘concentrate’ very well on anything for too long right now.  (Guess I’m not REALLY a vampire then right??? Didn’t they have like AMAZING mental abilities in those books??? Hee hee hee…)

Chat with ya later! 

Oh… wait wait wait… I almost forgot.  My January Scraplift Challenge will be over at the end of the week… so hurry on over to DSO (click HERE) to learn all about this fun challenge and you can earn yourself a posting bonus for FREE just for playing along!


I’ll be hosting it again in February if you absolutely HAVE TO WAIT till next week… LOL!  I’ll show ya the posting bonus for THAT at the start of the month. 

Bye for now!


Crops said...

I got a string of garlic around my neck and I am holding a cross....just to be safe while visiting you....LOL I don't want to get bitten!!!!! Knock on wood, none of here have been sick at all, and that is a first in a long time! Hope that burning stops, if not...get your butt to the Dr!!!!
Take it easy gf!!!

Kristine said...

Hi Beth!

Sure hope you are feeling better soon. Get your hiney to the dr. though. Burning throats usually mean strep adn you don't mess around with those kinds of cooties.

Mrs. Miles said...

Poor Beffy - I hope this comment finds you feeling at least a LITTLE bit better {BIG HUGS}

I hate that when your throat hurts - I hate the swilling with warm salt water to get rid of it even MORE awful!

Your challenge kit is SO pretty - I'll bet it gets snapped up in a jiffy!

glad I stopped in, hopefully when I do again you'll be 'right as rain' *smiling*


Jacki said...

Bummer! Sorry! You've still got a sense of humor when sick!
Feel better soon!! {{HUGS}}

Satina said...

I am sorry you're sick, we've been fighting junk too. Tis the season, it sucks! I need to talk to you sometime. Take care!

Caryn said...

Hi Beth!
I've missed you lately, and was just about to email you when I thought to check here first. So sorry to hear you've been sick :( We had a friend come over yesterday and she emailed me today to say her dd has gastro, so we're WAITING with bated breath.
Hope the firey sore throat goes away soon and you're back to your good old self in no time.
Lotsa love, lovely lady!