Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I’m Back! I’m Alive!

Well… the cold that just ‘wouldn’t die’ has finally kicked the bucket.  (I hope… ha ha ha!)  I still am feeling tired… but mostly better!  Hooray!  I’m finally planting my backside in front of the computer this morning for (hopefully) a while to get some things DONE that I’ve been putting off because of a total lack of energy!  ***I was having ‘scrapping withdrawals’***

Soooo… I DO have a freebie for ya today… in a sense.  I’m going to tell you about the freebie you can get if you do something incredibly easy… something that you all do ANYWAY… make a scrapbook page! LOL!

Participate in my BRAND NEW FEBRUARY SCRAPLIFT CHALLENGE OVER AT DIGISCRAPOBSESSION!!!!  Woohoo!  Click HERE to visit me there and learn all about it…

I’ve whipped up a couple of February themed (the month of ***luv***) posting bonuses for you if you play along!  The first one is this hybrid ‘Love’ album… (first one I ever made… and I’ve found that it was a LOT of fun… will have to make MORE!  hee hee…)


And lookie… I even put it together for MYSELF!  I had fun inserting some of my wedding pics (won’t tell ya from what year… heh heh heh) and I had a BLAST over at my friend, Jacki’s house adding some extra ‘real’ embellishments!  (Jacki – you’re the BEST!)


And I figured that since I had to actually create the papers and gear to make this little album in the first place – I might as well give ya the mini kit I made too!


So this month if you play along in my Scraplift Challenge you will get ‘Two for the price of one!’  It’s really fun and easy to do… I hope hope hope to see you there!

Well, I will be back again SOON with some new creations.  (now that I can stand to sit in front of this old puter again)  See ya later!


Tami said...

What a darling mini kit! You really are a great designer. I guess I'm going to have to fit one more challenge into my schedule since I don't want to miss it! Thanks!!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Beth -

I'm glad ONE of us is feeling better, this things got me severely in its clutches and besides the throat my nose won't stop running now (they phoned me from down the block and asked me to come pick it up) J.Kiddddinnnng! But at any rate I'm buying shares in Scotties little softies here.

Thx for your blog visit, it cheered me when I needed it.

LOVELY kits! Thanks EVER so much!

Muah! (only virtually - no germs that way)

~ Barb

Vana63 said...

Glad you are feeling better Beth!!!

Incredible PB for the challenge...count me in :-)

Thanx for stopping by my blog...Im just happy getting pics but at some point I think Im supposed to scrap them, hehehe

moninda said...

Hi Beth,
thank you for nice comment at my blog.-)
I'm really glad to read you're feeling better and I can't wait to work with your kits:-)
and thanks for praise my layout:-)

Jacki said...

yea! you're back! I LOVE your LOVE book! The kits you design are always so classy- and I love the colors!! I'm Wowed again! Design some more cool hybrid projects- and come on over!!