Monday, June 30, 2008

Cutest Dancers Ever!

Yes..... I have a severe bias toward thinking my kiddos are cute.... but hey.... THEY ARE! This past week my two girls did a fantastic job in their end of the season dance show. My older dd (the one wearing red) danced in a tap dance number and my younger dd (the one in blue) performed in a ballet number. This is dance show #6 for my older daugher and #3 for my younger.... and my heart still MELTS into mush when I see them dance! LOL! It's a mommy thing I guess.

Here they are before their show. (above)

And here they are after the recital reveling in their 'gifts' for doing such a great job. (Yup.... flowers and chocolate.... can't go wrong.)

And here is one of those moments where they actually 'like' each other (ha ha ha).... cause as any of you women out there who have sisters know --- it's a love/hate thing a lot of times! ("She's 'looking' at me mom!!!" "She got more juice than I did mom!" etc etc etc.... LOL!)

Ok.... as you may already be aware.... DSO is undergoing some 'maintenance'.... but don't worry... everything will be A-OK in no time.... and DSO will be back and better than ever! Wahoo! I'm not going to give away any details right now.... but I will for sure encourage you to keep checking back with DSO this week..... FUN FUN FUN changes to come!

Once our new store front is up and running.... I will finally upload my first kit to DSO. I thought I would use this 'wait time' to give you all a 'mini-preview' of what's in it by offering this quick page I made from my kit. It will be here for FREE on my blog until I upload the kit into the DSO store. Then I will offer it as part of a quck page pack for sale in case you miss it and still want it. Sound good? Soooooo...... I'm guessing this freebie will be up till sometime next week. Grab it if ya like it. (hard to see it in the preview.... but those are raindrops and a small puddle along the lefthand side of the page.... LOL!)

Here is the download link:

(Sorry - Link Has Expired)

Have a great day! Hope you're all making fun plans for the 4th of July! Woohoo!!!! My FAVORITE holiday!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've Been Awarded!

"I've been awarded!" LOL! Just saying that sounds cool! My morning was brightened when BUNNY gave me this award! Awwww...... I'm melting into a puddle of mush over here.... so flattered girl! Thanks!

I'm not sure if there are any 'rules' per se that go along with passing this award around.... but I WOULD like to give it to a few blogs that inspire me!

  • Misty Cato (She's amazing! I know you ALL visit her! An inspiration on a billion levels!)
  • Lindsay Jane (One of the first blogs I ever visited after I learned about digi-scrapping-and I still visit her! She's amazing too!)
  • Ameliescrap (Have you checked out her site? She lists freebies DAILY and picks out some amazing finds!)
  • Full Of Life (She is pretty much the scrapper I want to be! LOL! Her blog is in German, but I always scroll through it to see her latest layouts.... amazing style!)
  • Satina (This isn't a scrapping blog - but my friend, Satina, is a true inspiration to me! She's made it through MANY months of bed rest with a great attitude!)

So... there ya go! There are MORE sites I visit every day... but I'll limit this list for now so that you're not here reading all day! Ha ha!

Oh.... and today is my dd's birthday! Hooray! Here is one of the layouts I made for her last year.... it just makes me laugh to see her as an 'angel'! Which she CAN be... but she has some little red horns hiding up there as well! (Guess she has a bit of
Kim B. in her!) She's such a joy in my life - she is a true sweetheart! (Even if she CAN be a troublemaker at times!)

HERE to see full credits on this layout.)

Anybody feel like celebrating my daughter's birthday with me? I feel like 'giving a gift'.... so here ya go.... courtesy of
Kim Broedelet and myself: 2 brag book pages for those little boys and girls in your lives! One of the pages is made with the kit: "I Believe" by Kim B. and Bunny Cates.... and the other page is made with Kim's NEW KIT: "I Believe - For Boys" which hit the store TODAY! (Go get it while it's ON SALE!!!) These two kits are really amazing.... so much magic, sparkle, and fun is packed into them!

Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

Hope you like it! (Make sure you check out
Kim's new kit HERE.... it's a 'must have!') Hope you're all having a great day! We'll be having fun opening presents and eating cake over here!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

King For A Day

So.... I'm going to be 'spilling the beans' here! (LOL!) But I'm going to give you a sneak peek at Kim Broedelet's latest and greatest! Remember the kit called 'I Believe' she created with Bunny Cates? Well - she put together an add on kit JUST FOR BOYS! Woohoo! It's just TOO COOL and I had some fun with it yesterday - so I thought I would give ya'll a 'teaser' for NEW RELEASE DAY THURSDAY AT DSO tomorrow.

Know how we always say 'there's not much out there for boys?' Well.... now there is a 'must buy' for your boy layouts! LOL! It's seriously just so creative, so fun, and not to be missed.

I used pics of my son from the same 'pic moment' as the layout I did for Kim & Bunny's I Believe kit earlier.... see?

I used pics of my dd for the 'I Believe' kit.... and now of my son from that same pic day for the 'I Believe For Boys' add on kit.

Gotta run.... my kiddos are all about to wake up. Hope you all have a great day!

P.S. I got a chuckle this morning when I had a comment made on my layout above in a gallery.... the lady (who I am sure is very nice) said it was 'different'. (and she had to comment cause we were part of a comment chain thing) Ha ha ha! Isn't that what you say when you can't think of anything else nice to say???? LOL! Like, "ooooh, that haircut sure is 'different'".... or "that outfit is really 'different'".... but I'm going to choose to see it in a 'good' way. hee hee hee.... I'm crossing my fingers that she meant well.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Here

Ever have one of those months where you are just living hour to hour? Just trying to keep up wth what's going on? You seem so busy and 'all over the place' that before you blink - there goes a week? And another week? Aaaaak! LOL!

Well.... I'm turning over a new leaf! I am desperately missing my online scrapbooking community (cause I have been sadly neglectling it lately!).... so I am determined that even if I don't have new freebies made - I am still going to blog! At least that way you'll know that I am STILL HERE right? Ha ha ha! I'm afraid that means that you may have to endure a bunch of random family pics and odd stories.... but hey, that's my life!

So here are a few pics of my bunch from Sunday afternoon. My girls enjoyed wearing their new white summer dresses for the first time. (Gotta love those Costco dresses eh?) We finally had a day up here in Oregon that wasn't pouring (ugh) and I felt like they could wear them outside without jumping into every mud puddle on the sidewalk!

Aren't my girls and boys cute! Love 'em to pieces!

Just wanted to say 'hi' today.... and I will 100% for sure be back tomorrow. I'm going to try and play 'catch up' today on my computer! (I've had my parents staying with me for a few days as well.... and I haven't even checked my emails in 3 days! I have literally hundreds of new ones sitting in my inbox! Aaaak!)

Hope you're all having a great day! (And maybe some of you, like my family, are enjoying the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL! Summer break is almost here! Yay!)