Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've Been Awarded!

"I've been awarded!" LOL! Just saying that sounds cool! My morning was brightened when BUNNY gave me this award! Awwww...... I'm melting into a puddle of mush over here.... so flattered girl! Thanks!

I'm not sure if there are any 'rules' per se that go along with passing this award around.... but I WOULD like to give it to a few blogs that inspire me!

  • Misty Cato (She's amazing! I know you ALL visit her! An inspiration on a billion levels!)
  • Lindsay Jane (One of the first blogs I ever visited after I learned about digi-scrapping-and I still visit her! She's amazing too!)
  • Ameliescrap (Have you checked out her site? She lists freebies DAILY and picks out some amazing finds!)
  • Full Of Life (She is pretty much the scrapper I want to be! LOL! Her blog is in German, but I always scroll through it to see her latest layouts.... amazing style!)
  • Satina (This isn't a scrapping blog - but my friend, Satina, is a true inspiration to me! She's made it through MANY months of bed rest with a great attitude!)

So... there ya go! There are MORE sites I visit every day... but I'll limit this list for now so that you're not here reading all day! Ha ha!

Oh.... and today is my dd's birthday! Hooray! Here is one of the layouts I made for her last year.... it just makes me laugh to see her as an 'angel'! Which she CAN be... but she has some little red horns hiding up there as well! (Guess she has a bit of
Kim B. in her!) She's such a joy in my life - she is a true sweetheart! (Even if she CAN be a troublemaker at times!)

HERE to see full credits on this layout.)

Anybody feel like celebrating my daughter's birthday with me? I feel like 'giving a gift'.... so here ya go.... courtesy of
Kim Broedelet and myself: 2 brag book pages for those little boys and girls in your lives! One of the pages is made with the kit: "I Believe" by Kim B. and Bunny Cates.... and the other page is made with Kim's NEW KIT: "I Believe - For Boys" which hit the store TODAY! (Go get it while it's ON SALE!!!) These two kits are really amazing.... so much magic, sparkle, and fun is packed into them!

Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

Hope you like it! (Make sure you check out
Kim's new kit HERE.... it's a 'must have!') Hope you're all having a great day! We'll be having fun opening presents and eating cake over here!


Misty Cato said...

Thanks for the award and mention. I'm honored! Happy Birthday to your daughter. That page you did for her is fantastic.

nicky said...

ohh beth thanks so much for the award, i´m so happy about this! you are soo sweet...
happy birthday for your sweet daughter.. I hope she had a wonderful day.... and your pages are so great!!!!

wish you a happy day... hugs..


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Andrea said...

Hey 'cricket legs' LOL that's still making me chuckle! haha

OH wow! that's YOUR layout? the starry one of your daughter! I LOVED that the second I saw it when it was first posted in DSO gallery! AMAZING!!! Hope she had a great PINK birthday!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY all so very much!!!!!!!

Livia said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter, Beth! She looks truly sweet and adorable on that layout!
June 12th is Valentine's Day in Brazil...

The QPs are fantastic! Thanks! ;)

Dinphy said...

Thank you for the pages, they're beautiful! And congrats on your daughters Birthday!

Tammy aka bunchie said...

Wow! I love the art you guys have done with these! TY!

Luisa said...

Thanks so much for the BB pages, And Happy Birthday to your Daugther!! Great layout!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, these are very pretty, I only have daughters, but will keep both QP's in hopes that someday I will have a son.

Suz said...

I gave you some of my...♥"Link Love"♥...over at my place today, however I wasn’t able to grab MY stuff or say thank you until now. Sorry so late!! Each time I go “hunting”, I am in WOWed by the amazing stuff you designers create and then give to us for free. I truly am thankful, because without you and your generosity I think the digital world of scrapbooking would be so different. Stay sweet. :) Suzee Q's Stuff

Mrs. Miles said...

Beth I wanted to just come and say hi. I don't know why, but I am prompted to tell you that I'm praying for a need for you. I hope you don't mind me telling you this, but its been laid on my heart & I've learned to allow myself to follow these promptings. Your Brag Book pages are simply lovely - thank you for putting them together & sharing.


Livia said...

Hi Beth!

Me again... ;)
I've just tagged you! Check it on my blog

Have a great week!

Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

thanks for the AWESOME pages! :D

Judgirl said...

awesome ....thanks so much are a very talented lady and thanks for sharing

nancypinct said...

Thank you for these great brag book pages! Your layouts are just wonderful!!