Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Here

Ever have one of those months where you are just living hour to hour? Just trying to keep up wth what's going on? You seem so busy and 'all over the place' that before you blink - there goes a week? And another week? Aaaaak! LOL!

Well.... I'm turning over a new leaf! I am desperately missing my online scrapbooking community (cause I have been sadly neglectling it lately!).... so I am determined that even if I don't have new freebies made - I am still going to blog! At least that way you'll know that I am STILL HERE right? Ha ha ha! I'm afraid that means that you may have to endure a bunch of random family pics and odd stories.... but hey, that's my life!

So here are a few pics of my bunch from Sunday afternoon. My girls enjoyed wearing their new white summer dresses for the first time. (Gotta love those Costco dresses eh?) We finally had a day up here in Oregon that wasn't pouring (ugh) and I felt like they could wear them outside without jumping into every mud puddle on the sidewalk!

Aren't my girls and boys cute! Love 'em to pieces!

Just wanted to say 'hi' today.... and I will 100% for sure be back tomorrow. I'm going to try and play 'catch up' today on my computer! (I've had my parents staying with me for a few days as well.... and I haven't even checked my emails in 3 days! I have literally hundreds of new ones sitting in my inbox! Aaaak!)

Hope you're all having a great day! (And maybe some of you, like my family, are enjoying the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL! Summer break is almost here! Yay!)


Jacki said...

Hi! Definately missed you!I love your "girl" photo and then your "boy" photo. My family's would be pretty uneven and I'd be kinda lonely in the "girl" photo!Thanks for blogging!

Kim B said...

YAY- I LOVE READING about your family life- LOL, at least I know then that I'm not the only *crack pot* out here- WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of you and the girls- and then the boys! WOW- you have one really *beautiful and handsome* family girl!
Senidng train hugs and loves

Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet photos!!! Love the white dresses, too. Looking forward to seeing your blog more often!!!

Saedi Oldham said...

I love getting to see your darling family! We miss you guys like crazy!! Your kids are growing so fast!

Andrea said...

Ahhh your family is precious! Love the Girls & Boys!!! Your girls look like little angels all in white! And your boys, well they look like they've got some fun personalities! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!