Monday, June 30, 2008

Cutest Dancers Ever!

Yes..... I have a severe bias toward thinking my kiddos are cute.... but hey.... THEY ARE! This past week my two girls did a fantastic job in their end of the season dance show. My older dd (the one wearing red) danced in a tap dance number and my younger dd (the one in blue) performed in a ballet number. This is dance show #6 for my older daugher and #3 for my younger.... and my heart still MELTS into mush when I see them dance! LOL! It's a mommy thing I guess.

Here they are before their show. (above)

And here they are after the recital reveling in their 'gifts' for doing such a great job. (Yup.... flowers and chocolate.... can't go wrong.)

And here is one of those moments where they actually 'like' each other (ha ha ha).... cause as any of you women out there who have sisters know --- it's a love/hate thing a lot of times! ("She's 'looking' at me mom!!!" "She got more juice than I did mom!" etc etc etc.... LOL!)

Ok.... as you may already be aware.... DSO is undergoing some 'maintenance'.... but don't worry... everything will be A-OK in no time.... and DSO will be back and better than ever! Wahoo! I'm not going to give away any details right now.... but I will for sure encourage you to keep checking back with DSO this week..... FUN FUN FUN changes to come!

Once our new store front is up and running.... I will finally upload my first kit to DSO. I thought I would use this 'wait time' to give you all a 'mini-preview' of what's in it by offering this quick page I made from my kit. It will be here for FREE on my blog until I upload the kit into the DSO store. Then I will offer it as part of a quck page pack for sale in case you miss it and still want it. Sound good? Soooooo...... I'm guessing this freebie will be up till sometime next week. Grab it if ya like it. (hard to see it in the preview.... but those are raindrops and a small puddle along the lefthand side of the page.... LOL!)

Here is the download link:

(Sorry - Link Has Expired)

Have a great day! Hope you're all making fun plans for the 4th of July! Woohoo!!!! My FAVORITE holiday!


Andrea said...

I would have to agree with you - those are the CUTEST little dancers!! Love the "I like you right now" picture! too cute!

Oooh can't wait to see your new kit! Love this QP!!

Ok you are too funny!! Thanks for the awesome compliment! I WISH I could look as good as Courtney Galiano!! But go ahead and enjoy my "twin" dancing! ha ha

Jenn said...

what precious little girls you have!

Sandra said...

Hey there! Thank you SO much for your kind words on my blog! It warms my heart! Youre girls are just so pretty in their little dance costumes, and looks like they are enjoying it very much!


Dawn said...

Stunning photo's, they are just the cutest little girls :)

Janeal said...

Oh, your little ones just look so cute. Yes, you have the right to be biased I think but they still look cute. Nice pictures of the "I love you sis". LOL!

Thanks for the QP! I love it. I am going to go share your blog link with some friends that would love it too!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 01 Jul [LA 03:33am, NY 05:33am, UK 10:33am, OZ 08:33pm]).

Kim B said...

OOOH- can't wait to see this new kit- LOOKS GORGEOUS!! And yeah I know- I'm off to bed NOW-lol. Just had to pop in and say a quick hi ;-)

Hugs me

Stephanie said...

OMGosh, they are just too cute! I know what you mean about the love/hate relationship between sisters. I have a little pair of them myself!