Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hi there!  Just a quickie update… we actually sold our house!  It took all of three days sitting on the market… and a nice family showed up and gave us a full price offer and we accepted!  (Must have been meant to be right?)


Now we’re in major house hunt mode.  I feel like we’re in limbo… and can’t wait to settle back down again.  It’s spring break though this week… so we’ll be off to the beach soon and spend some time with my parents.

Here’s a random pic to make ya smile :


My girls on crazy hair day (for school)… they insisted on having braids that stuck out from their heads.  Silly girls had wire woven through their hair ALL DAY!  (I would think that would get annoying… but I guess we all suffer for beauty right? LOL!)

And here’s a pic of Ty doing one of his FAVORITE things ever… feeding the ducks!  (This kid just can’t get enough of it!)


And just to give equal ‘pic’ time to all my kiddos… here is Ryan on one of his recent preschool field trips :


Ok… well the back of his head at least!  Ha ha!  He’s wearing the brown hoodie in the front of this pic.  We took our preschoolers to the grocery store for their latest field trip… and it was so fun!  The store had employees that took the kids from department to department (dairy section, cereal aisle, produce, bakery etc) and gave the kids food samples all along the way.  This picture is from the seafood/butcher section of the store where the kids were getting up close and personal with a crab!  So fun!

Ok… well I’m off.  Gotta find us a house right??? Hee hee hee…

Hope you all have a fun spring break!


Jacki said...

Good luck on the house hunt... pick one by me!!! Enjoy your Spring Break and escape to the beach during this stressful time.

Satina said...

Congrats on the house sale and good luck on the house hunt! Keep us posted! We were going to come to the Portland Zoo this week, but now it's raining! Ugh, not on spring break!!! Cute pics of the kiddos, your girls look like twins!