Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Breathe.  Don’t panic.  Don’t think.  Keep going.

These are the things I’m telling myself right now.  I think I’m presently holding off a minor heart attack – the only way to stop it is by keeping my body busy enough that my brain doesn’t have time to catch up.  I’m taking a break from my craziness for a few seconds to blog just so that my head might clear a tiny bit.

Yes… we are moving.  Nope… don’t know where.  Yes… we are moving out of our house while we sell it.  Nope… we aren’t officially insane, we’re just acting like it. 

Well, we’re not crazy (maybe)… but there is a bunch of craziness going on right now.  We’re painting, packing, and planning… three P’s.  We’ve been replacing light fixtures (cause ours were ‘so not cool’ according to the staging lady that came through our house) and making other minor cosmetic adjustments. 

Wish us luck?  I don’t even want to blog more about it right now… just ‘keep going’ as I said above!  I can’t decide quite how I feel right now… excited? Nervous? Hopeful?  Happy?  I’ll let you know if I make up my mind!  Wahahaha!

Ok… on to some random babbling… that is sure to make little to NO sense whatsoever…

Here is a picture for my friend, Lori… I didn’t get too many pictures from the Valentine’s party of the whole crew… but I did get this cute shot that I like to call : “Tyler loves Kylie!”  Hee hee hee…  (thanks for hosting the kids’ Valentine’s party Lori!  Ty had a blast!)


Tyler adores Kylie… and here is the picture to prove it right??? Ah… young love.  And here is Ty (Mr. Dimples) holding his fancy Valentine’s Day treat bag :


We had a birthday party for my Dad recently… here is my handsome father about to blow out the candles on the cake I made him:


I love my Dad!

Oh… my grandpa turned 90… and we had a party for him.  Here he is posing with some of his great grandchildren (most of them mine obviously.)  My grandpa is the sweetest, best gpa ever. 


Wanna see what I looked like as a baby???  Here is a shot of me with my grandpa when I was itty bitty…


Yup… I had curly hair back then too…

Ooops… my girls just walked in the door home from school… have to run now.  Back to my ‘go, go, go’ mode eh?  Bye for now.  :-)


lmk1411 said...

That is too cute! I love Tyler's face!! Good luck with the move, you really can bring the stud over whenever! And you better still be hanging out with us :)

Amy said...

Wow, that is so exciting! You are embarking on a whirlwind of an adventure! Just remember to keep breathing and if you need to talk, call me, I am far too experienced in this moving business!

Satina said...

Hey! Long time! Good luck on the move. Keep us posted! I love your baby picture, you are still cute as a button!