Monday, October 12, 2009

Where in the world???

Where in the world have I been??? Wahahaha!!!  Well… I’ve been right smack dab in the middle of ‘Busy-Moms-Ville’ – and hovering somewhere around ‘I-Just-Needed-A-Computer-Break-Town’ - which is located next to ‘Oh-WOW-I-Need-To-Get-A-Handle-On-My-Life-City.’ 

Hee hee hee…

Summer was PACKED, but great.  And now the new school year has also proven to be full of activities for me and my family… but I think I am getting the whole routine down now!  LOL!  And I’ve been having some MAJOR scrapping and online withdrawals… but I feel REFRESHED… and ready to step back into a world I LOVE LOVE LOVE!  (So hopefully, my poor little blog will receive some MUCH needed updating and TLC!)  So… I’m ‘dipping my toes into the pool’ again… and saying ‘hello’ online today.  “HELLO!”

Here are some pictures of my family from the last few months:


Here are my boys… posing in front of a MOUNTAIN of gifts (don’t worry… we only spent about $25 – it just LOOKS impressive!) which belonged to my 2nd daughter, Alycia – who turned 7!  Each present actually only contained a TINY animal… but it was fun to see her rip the wrapping off of each BIG box! 

IMG_5621 IMG_5625

Here are the treats she got to eat… because all summer we were battling an ‘unknown problem’ which drove us all BONKERS!  For MONTHS she was getting severe stomach pain and would have to throw up at least once a week… poor thing would have to curl up on the floor and hug her tummy in pain.  We tried SO many things to try and solve the problem… which meant during her birthday that she couldn’t have any gluten, dairy, egg, wheat, nuts etc etc etc… so these are gluten free/egg free/ dairy free (taste free) cupcakes and sorbet instead of ice cream!  LOL!  We DID finally crack the case… and now I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of probiotics!  (That’s another story for another day…)


Both of my girls performed beautifully in their end of season dance show… here is just one shot of Kaitlyn in her ballet gear.  (She had a fun tap dance as well.)


And here is my other sweetie… Alycia… dressed up in her stage make up and ballet costume.  (She also had a cute jazz number!)


We went to the beach a LOT LOT LOT… and here are my kiddos dressed up in their 4th of July gear before the parade in the beach town where my mom and dad live. 


Ryan also had a birthday this summer… and here we are at my mom and dad’s beach house celebrating in ‘Pirate Style’ with my first ever PIRATE CAKE!  Woohoo!  I had SO much fun making this one… and I think it turned out pretty cute!  (If I do say so myself…)


Ryan learned how to ride a bike… (***Go Ryan… Go Ryan…***)


Matt and I took our crazy crew on a road trip across a few state lines and showed our kiddos the college where we first met.


We took everyone to a few museums on our vacations too… and LOOK… my kids blend right in with the wild animals… wahahaha… go figure!?!? 


Ryan got to take swim lessons this summer for the first time… he did so great!


And the girls got new haircuts for the new school year.  (Alycia’s is a TON shorter!!!)


Here’s Ryan after his first ever ‘friend’ birthday party!  (He’s been to LOTS of ‘cousin’ and ‘family’ birthday parties… but this was the first one for a friend of his own age who wasn’t actually related to him!  LOL!  Look how cute he is!!!  I LOVE the whole dog theme!


Ryan also started preschool this fall!  I’m helping teach as part of a great co-op group that my friend started up.  He LOVES it and it’s really turned out to be a LOT of fun!  Here he is after his first day… what could be better than a new t-shirt, egg carton ant project, and a pink cupcake???!!!


Tyler is determined to believe that it IS already Halloween… and loves to wear his dragon costume all over the house. 


I’m sure I’ve thrown enough photos into this post now eh??? LOL!

I’ve basically just been keeping busy with trying to get Alycia healthy, taking time with my family over the summer for lots of trips and together time, piano with the girls, DANCE lessons (all the time… since my oldest joined a special dance company), soccer, swim lessons, preschool co-op, play groups, school starting… etc etc etc…. and I think I just needed the time to re-organize my life… kwim??? I took two steps back from the computer – and I’ve missed it.  Now that’s it getting C-O-L-D again… I think I will have more time indoors to sit and visit again… so I thought I should say ‘hi.’

Well… I will chat again later.  Hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful fall colors and all of the fun seasonal activities. 




Ruth said...

WoOoHoOo... miss you so much Beth! ~Hug~hug!

Kim B said...


OMG_ it's sooooo GOOD to see you back and Tyler has the naughtiest little *tyke* face I have seen on a little boy in a long time - LOL, he would have me around his little finger NO PROBLEM- his 4th of July hat is just the cutest! hahaha.
Gosh the girls have grown and look so like you Beth!
And uhum- you made the pirate cake??- HOLEY COW! hahaha great work GF!
PS_ blog looks AWESOME- it's not bright- you wearing your glasses??
hee hee


LouCeeCreations said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! so glad to see you back in blog land kiddo! I was reading your first paragraph and thought you said you were busy hoovering somewhere.. Waahaahaa! I had visions of you walking everywhere with an upright permanently in front of you lol!
your girls look stunning in there ballet outfits and OMgosh just look at ryan all groen up ready for pre school!
nice to see you back xx

Nissinen's said...


I love the pirate cake..did you make it?? Soooo cute!!!

Jacki said...

Yea!! And I love the new blog look!!

Amy said...

Welcome back to the blogging world my friend! I saw you at church the other day and thought about how much I missed your blog! It looks like you had a fabulous summer!

Jodiann, said...

Howdy Beth!

I am tickled to see you are back in Scrap-ville with the rest of us loonies! I love seeing all the new pictures of your kids!



Lainey said...

Great photos! Welcome back!!!