Monday, April 20, 2009

Captain Chaos!

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately!  I’ve been busy enjoying being the mommy of four very ‘active’ kiddos and more specifically chasing down ‘Captain Chaos!’  LOL!  WHO (you may be asking) IS ‘Captain Chaos?’  Well… that’s our name for my youngest son, Tyler.  He LOVES to have us tie any old blanket around his neck and RUN around the house shouting ‘Captain Chaos!!!’ at the top of his lungs.  LOL!  We feel like the super hero name is PERFECT for him!  Wahahaha!  My older son, Ryan, keeps changing his own super hero name.  Nothing has really seemed to stick yet. 

captain chaos

(cute frames and arrow are from Andrea Dickinson’s fun kit, ‘Play’)

I think in the lower picture (above) Ty is using his amazing ‘mind control’ powers to try and get us to give him cookies… hee hee hee… And here is a little video of him declaring himself as ‘Captain Chaos’ and of his brother calling himself ‘Captain Nothing’ (since he couldn’t come up with a name that he liked that evening… LOL!)

I’m not sure if I ever did share the video of Ryan singing his ‘Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life For Me’ or not here on my blog… but I figured I’d throw it in here too… just for fun…  it’s kind of a ‘classic’ now at my house… wahahaha!

Ryan STILL wears his pirate hat, hook, and sword around the house… those were the BEST Christmas gifts he ever got! Woohoo!

Anyway… there isn’t any real ‘point’ to my blog post today… just wanted to say ‘hi’ and let ya know I’m still here.  And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to one of my CT members : the very talented, sweet, and bee-yoo-tee-full RUTH!  Woohoo!!! Hope you’re having a great day girl! 

AND… if you pop on over to FanFan’s blog (another one of my fantastic CT gals) you can pick up this great quick page she put together for ya using my last kit, ‘Joanne’s Eggs!’  THANKS chickadee!

PVQPJoannesEggs_Fanfan-Rue-des Anges

Hope you’re all having a great start to your week!  Chat with ya soon!


Ruth said...

That’s so sweet of you Beth! I like that "bee-yoo-tee-full" hahaha... Thanks sweetie:) God Bless!

Ruth said...

By the way... My kiddos also like to be 'Super-Hero'! at this age, they just love to be HERO! They call me 'Super-Hero-Mom'too!LOL

Ryan is too cute! cutie Captain Chaos!!!

LouCeeCreations said...

what a cute video lol! although I didn't understand a word he was saying, I guess I'm out of touch with baby talk heehee!

Kristine said...

OMG Beth!!! Captain Chaos is just TOO stinkin ' cute!!!! You made my night! Thank you!!!!

charlie said...

oh my those pics are adorable!!!!

Jacki said...

So cute!! Little boys are so fun! (and chaotic :) )
Super cute singing! and his bedroom is really fun!

Crops said...

I couldn't understand a word's been ages! When I talk to my nephew on the phone, which he loves, he just rambles on and on and I don't get any of it! LOL Loved watching the videos! They are PRICELESS and wait till they get older and see them...FUNNYYYYYY!!!!
Sure have been missing you around here, but I know you got your hands full! Great to see you on!
Take it easy gf!

Breeoxd said...

omg I almost peed my pants. i laughed and laughed lol. just so you know, im a comic book freak so I would not shed a tear to see a little super hero kit ( hint hint hiiiiint ) lol adorable post hun!

Satina said...

Your boys are super cute. Thanks for sharing. I need to post on my blog a special memory before I forget too about our own super hero. Ben likes to be "Super Bob"! His cape is a Bob the Builder blamket. He even wants to wear it out in public sometimes. I let him sometimes, but I draw the line with church!

Renée said...

oh how I loved these videos.. thank you sooo much for sharing them :) your boys are absolutely stinking adorable!!!

thanks for the freebies!

see you at DSO :)