Monday, March 30, 2009

GREAT Grab Bag & LOTS of Layouts…

Just a quick post today… I somehow have ended up with only a tiny window of computer time this afternoon.  I had fun this morning visiting with my sister, Meg, and her daughter (who is the same age as my oldest son)… AND my grandpa too!  We hung out at the library – picked out some books and then walked around behind the building where they have a large park and duck pond.  My boys were giggling their heads off as they threw bits of food for the birds to chase after.  We all came over to my house afterward and had lunch… and this is the first chance I’ve had to pop online.  The rest of my day is going to be filled with my role as ‘mommy chauffeur’ taking my girls to this lesson or that activity etc etc etc… (you know how it goes…)

Anyway… enough boring you all with my ‘oh-so-thrilling’ life! LOL!  (Although I DO get to have a bit of ‘out of the ordinary fun’ tomorrow… it’s my husband’s birthday and we are going OUT! Woohoo!  **I’m not cooking dinner.. I’m not cooking dinner** Hooray!)

I wanted to make sure today that you all knew about Kim B’s latest Grab Bag!  Her products are always the HIGHEST quality and she’s offering them at am amazing deal!  (But you have to take advantage of the low price NOW before she takes the packs OUT of the grab bag…)


If you pop on over to Kim’s blog, you can see ALL OF THE PRODUCTS RIGHT NOW… EVEN BEFORE YOU BUY THE BAG!!!  She’s revealing the whole thing right at the ‘get-go- this time!  Woohoo!  Here is one of my faves from it:


Check out these cool bead spills!  LOVE ‘em!  So click HERE and check out Kim’s new bag in her store!!!  Hurry… GO!


I’ve been having a BLAST this week receiving all kinds of layouts from my friends and talented CT members!  I’ll show you the ones today that were created using my newest kit, ‘Joanne’s Eggs’ and ‘Joanne’s Egg-stra Eggs.’



Both of these products are currently on SALE at 25% off for a limited time… you can check them out in my store by clicking HERE!


This first page is from Elaine!  Love the blue accents!  And what a fantastic pic of her granddaughter in the tree!

marlene RAK_by_claudia

This lovely, dramatic layout is by Marlene!  I really like the red and white flowers clustered in the corner!

Julia JoannesEggs1_72_53_500x_100k

The page ABOVE and the page BELOW were created by the talented Julia!  She SOMEHOW managed to include ALL of the eggs from the main kit AND the extra egg pack in these pages!  WOW!!!  (Now that takes some creative thinking!!!!)

Julia JoannesEggs2_72_55_500x_100k

(Julia also used shadow box frames and old wood printing block alpha by JenU designs.)  LOVE the eggs tucked into the pockets of the display case!

lou ann eggs-1_web

This sweet layout was sent to me by one of my newest CT members, Lou Ann(she also used word art by Paislee Press Spring Collection)  Anybody want to receive one of THOSE in their Easter Basket this year??? Too cute!

lumi BROOD

And check out this artistic STUNNER by Lumi!  How COOL is this?!?  So creative to use the feathers as wings and transform those eggs into little birds!  LOVE it!  She created a crown out of the paper grass as well… this girl has creativity just oozing out of her!  LOL!  (she also used Christina Renee's Old Cuts: Lil Birdies and an adaptation from a freebie at Old Photograph Album)  Thanks so much for sending this to me… it’s gorgeous!

bre german-Restaurant

If you look closely at the layout above, you’ll notice that Bre used the egg designs as patterned blocks in her page! (she also used a template by Lindsay Jane)  I LOVE how the patterns work so well with the picture!!!

bre the-easter-feast

And the last page I will show you today also comes from Bre!  (Who is also one of my brand new CT members!  Woohoo!)  I love how she used the egg patterns in her word art title!!!  (and she also used a CU scalloped border by Miss Tiina)

Soooo… do you feel like you deserve a freebie after browsing through this long picture post??? LOL!  Well… it’s Bre to the rescue today!  She turned her layout above into a quick page for all of you:


Here is the download link: (link has expired)

Thanks for stopping by this afternoon… and don’t forget that my new kit, ‘Joanne’s Eggs’ and ‘Joanne’s Egg-stra Eggs’ are still on SALE at 25% off!  Chat with ya later!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Egg-cited About Eggs

If you read my last post, you probably figured out that my latest digital project had something to do with Easter and eggs right?  Well… you are 100% correct!  I’m just bustin’ with excitement about this one… I put together an Easter kit (an extremely ‘non-typical’ one) in honor of my mother’s pysanky art!  My mom, Joanne, creates the most beautiful Ukrainian decorated eggs!  She’s taught classes for over 20 years, had her eggs displayed in shows and in galleries, and has even been on television with them!  (Is my mom cool or what?  LOL!)

Here is a preview of my latest kit, ‘Joanne’s Eggs.’  It will be on SALE at 25% off for a limited time.


'Joanne's Eggs' boasts a rainbow of colors in over 20 original egg designs, 7 egg stands to show them off, Ukrainian egg decorating tools, natural elements, colorful papers, frames, tags, blank eggs, and more... 

Here is a bit more information about how these eggs are made… and information about getting in touch with my mom if you are interested…  (click the image to see the text closer up…)


Want even MORE eggs?  I’ve packed over 50 MORE eggs into an extra (egg-stra) egg pack for you!


These colorful eggs will add even MORE color and variety to your Easter scrapbook pages.  They will also look FANTASTIC on Easter cards!  This extra egg pack will also be on SALE at 25% off for a limited time!

Here are a few layouts that have already been put together using Joanne’s Eggs :

Jacki Austin-eggs_web

How cute is this little guy???!!!  I love how Jacki has used the dye splats as the messy, broken ‘egg yolk’ on her page!  I agree with Jacki ::: who needs toys for your kids when you have eggs around??? LOL!

moninda bl1

This gorgeous page was sent to me by Moninda!  LOVE the artsy feel to this one!  I like how she tucked the egg behind the grass too.

ruth melody JOHN316 copy

Here are a couple of pages by Ruth --- both the page ABOVE and BELOW were made by her!  (She has been BUSY eh? LOL!)  Thank you so much Ruth!  MWAH!

ruth melody wow_copy

Doesn’t she have an ADORABLE daughter???  So cute!!!

Easter Bunny

And the last one I’ll show ya today is one I made.  This is my youngest daughter hugging her two very favorite bunnies!  Her grandma, Joanne, gave her both of them… one on Easter itself.  She STILL carries them around the house and sleeps with them!

And as a ‘thank you’ for making it through this post… (heh heh heh…) I turned my layout into a quick page for you.


Here is the download link: (link has expired)

Hope you like it!  And remember to take advantage of my limited time 25% off SALE on both Joanne’s Eggs and Joanne’s Egg-stra Eggs!  Chat with ya later!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Silly Boys and Sweet Girls

Hello again!  Anybody else excited to see buds on the trees outside??? I am SOOOOO happy that we are seeing the first ‘real’ signs of spring!  Woohoo!!!! Bring on the sun I say…

My boys have a bit of ‘cabin fever’ I guess you could say.  It’s hard to believe… but I think they are actually getting SILLIER day by day… here are a few pics to prove it : (I didn’t ask them to hug and hug and hug and hug… that was ALL their idea… wahahaha!)

silly boys

I have to admit though… I LOVE seeing those cheesy grins and adorable dimples… melts my heart!

Last week my younger daughter was home from school most days… but she mustered up the strength to go to her 1st grade choral concert one evening.  (poor thing had to keep wiping her nose through the whole performance!)  Here are some shots of her before the show… (one with her older sister too…)

Sweet Girls

And remember those butterfly cupcakes??? I tried my hand at making them for myself… and they were actually cute!!! Woohoo!  Here I am at about 1 in the morning proudly showing off my creations with my good friend.  (our ‘girls nights’ go late… wahahaha…)

cupcaskes with mary

In scrapping news… my Natural Moods Brag Book has hit the store… and it will be at 30% off for a while… so take advantage of the  sale and go snag it while it’s marked down!


And here are a few more pages using my kit, Natural Moods:

RuthMelody kdswirl 1 My Angle

Ruth Melody put together this gorgeous page… her daughter really IS a beautiful angel!!!  (Ruth also used magical swirls by Kitty design and wing from cherish happiness by KDS)

jane karta rakforveternica-BL_NaturalMoods

This stunner was created by the amazingly talented jane-karta… LOVE the clustering she put together here!!!  (she also used Miniwordart Freebie 3 by Pavlita)

bre rainbows6

The layout ABOVE and the layout BELOW were made by the very sweet Bre!  She captured some great pics on a trip to six flags… (and it’s hard to see in this small version… but there is a COOL pic of a rainbow in the one above!!!)

bre rainbows21

Thank you, thank you, thank you Bre!  MWAH!

And I’ve been playing around on my computer a bit lately and have put together a few new products for you… but for now you will have to settle for a ‘taste’ of what those products may be… (wahahaha… I’m just so sure the suspense is killing you eh?  Hee hee hee…)

Anyway… here is a little word art freebie for you that I thought you might be able to use in some Easter cards or things.  Hope you like it… the eggs were actually made by my extremely talented mom!  Woohoo!  (I’ll be giving you more information about her art later… heh heh heh… MORE suspense right? LOL!)  The word art is HUGE… so you can resize it to whatever you need.  (I think you can click this image to get a little bit of a closer look if ya want.)


Here is the download link:

(this link has expired)

I’ll be back soon to tell you about my latest kit.  And don’t forget that my Natural Moods Brag Book is on SALE for a while at 30% off!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  {{{HUGS}}}

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Even More Moody

Wahahaha… do you like my blog post title today?  Hee hee… it’s because I’m going to show ya a few more layouts using my new kit, Natural Moods’… but also because it’s how my poor little kiddos are feeling lately.  We’ve had fevers, coughing, and runny noses here for quite a while now.  Needless to say, my kids are NOT in the best of ‘moods.’  Unfortunately, it’s passing through everybody just one at a time… (I wish it would just hit us all at the same time… get it over with!) and this morning was my younger daughter’s turn to stay home from school because her head was hot enough to fry an egg on.  :-(  I’ve been meaning to sit in front of my computer and put together another freebie for ya… but I just haven’t gotten that far yet! LOL!  So today you’ll have to settle for a bit more eye candy from some of my friends using my new kit. 


This one is from my fab CT member, Elaine!  I just LOVE the ‘wanted’ poster!!! LOL! 

hutchie potofgold450

Here is a stunner sent to me from my sweet friend, Chris!  (Hutchie as many of you know her by…)  I adore the soft, magical feel to this one!  Thanks for playing with my kit gf!

jacki reunion-hike_web

This natural beauty was put together by Jacki!  So great how you’ve tucked your photo mat into the twine circle! 

Caryn CWC_NaturalMoods

Caryn put together this clean, gorgeous page!  Great focus on the main pic… and I love how you’ve included your journaling!

moninda beth2 word art by Natali design

Moninda sent me this lovely layout… beautiful as always!!!

marlene CT_BL_01

And this sweet page was created by the talented, Marlene!  (My newest CT member… woohoo!)

I have MORE… but I don’t want to drown you in layouts today!  LOL!  Don’t forget, that my kit is still at 25% off at the moment


AND AND AND… if you buy it before the end of the day this Saturday… you can receive this full 12 page brag book for FREE!  All you have to do is email my your invoice number and I will send you the link to download the whole set! Woohoo!


Hope you’re all having a good week so far… hopefully not dealing with fevers and things like we are here!  Tonight I am off to my friend’s house to tackle those butterfly cupcakes… so I’ll show ya what we come up with when they are done.  Oh… and I think we’re going to tackle some ‘creepy crawly’ bug themed ones as well!  Hopefully they will turn out ok.

Chat with ya soon!

Monday, March 9, 2009

NEW Natural Moods Kit – And FREE Brag Book Set!

Good morning everybody!  Did you all have a good weekend??? Mine was spent staying up at night listening to my little 2 year old cough… poor little guy!  He is feeling a bit better today though… (cross your fingers) so I think there is some light at the end of the tunnel!  Yay!  And my oldest daughter, who had stayed home from school sick on Thursday AND Friday finally went back to school again today too.  Looks like we are on the mend!

In other news… I just HAVE TO BRAG about my good friend, Mary’s, cupcake skills!  Check out these CUTE CUTE CUTE butterfly topped cupcakes she put together for her daughter’s first birthday party!


Aren’t they great!?!?  The butterflies are handmade and entirely made out of chocolate!!! We are going to get together this Thursday night and make some more… woohoo!!! So I’ll post some pics of the ones I ‘attempt’ to put together later.


I have a new kit in my store today!  (Yes… I know it’s shocking! LOL!  February just got really busy for me… but I’m BACK!  hee hee…) It’s called : ‘Natural Moods.’


Natural Moods is a 'natural' mix of blended, grungy textures and art with elements  found in the environment... this fresh kit is full of soothing color and subtle detail.

This kit will be 25% off through Saturday, March 21st...


If you hurry NOW and buy it at 25% off before the end of the day on Saturday, March 14th... you can get this coordinating 12 page Brag Book set for FREE!!!  (You KNEW I was going to make a brag book set right??? LOL!  I’m so predictable… wahahaha!)


All you have to do if you want the FREE Brag Book set is email me your invoice number after purchasing the kit (my email address is in the TOU’s in the download – or you can send me a PM at DigiScrapObsession) and I will send you a link to download the entire set. Woohoo! After March 14th I’ll put the set up separately into my store.

Hurry and take advantage of this new kit at 25% off!

Want to see a few pages sent to me already using my kit?

Crops Ambry-March09RS

This GORGEOUS page was put together by my good friend, Carol!!!  Love how the kit brings out her beautiful eyes!  She’s such a cutie!


Elanie is making me REALLY wish it WERE spring already with this cute page!  We have SNOW AGAIN HERE TODAY!!!! Argh!!!  I don’t believe in the sun anymore… it’s so depressing!  LOL!

moninda ordinary day

Moninda used my kit to scrap a stunning pic of her little guy… she is such an amazing photographer!  LOVE this page girl!

Kristine SpecialToMe

And my fab friend, Kristine, made this lovely page with my kit… and she’s SHARING IT with all of us too!  Woohoo!  She’s changed it up a bit and made it into a QP that you can download from her blog!


Thanks so much chickadee!!! LOVE it!  Make sure you take the time to say ‘thanks’ when you download this great qp!

Ok… so just to make this already LONG post even LONGER… wahahaha… I had to tell you about a new kit out today by Kim B as well!  It’s called ‘Camping Out.’


I played around a bit last night with this fun kit and came up with what turned out to be a ‘non-camping’ themed layout!!! LOL!  (Really strange how that happened… hee hee…)


Sometimes I’ll START a page taking it in one direction… and it’s ENDS UP someplace entirely different!  This one was an easy one to turn into a quick page for all of you guys… so here ya go!


Here is the download link if you would like to snag it up!

Thanks for making it through such a long post today!  And don’t forget to pop on over to DSO and take advantage of my new kit, ‘Natural Moods’, being on sale at 25% off right now!!! Woohoo!  AND remember, you will get the full 12 page brag book set for FREE if you buy the kit this week and email me with your invoice number!

Have a great day… and stay warm! (I’m freezing here… argh!)