Thursday, March 12, 2009

Even More Moody

Wahahaha… do you like my blog post title today?  Hee hee… it’s because I’m going to show ya a few more layouts using my new kit, Natural Moods’… but also because it’s how my poor little kiddos are feeling lately.  We’ve had fevers, coughing, and runny noses here for quite a while now.  Needless to say, my kids are NOT in the best of ‘moods.’  Unfortunately, it’s passing through everybody just one at a time… (I wish it would just hit us all at the same time… get it over with!) and this morning was my younger daughter’s turn to stay home from school because her head was hot enough to fry an egg on.  :-(  I’ve been meaning to sit in front of my computer and put together another freebie for ya… but I just haven’t gotten that far yet! LOL!  So today you’ll have to settle for a bit more eye candy from some of my friends using my new kit. 


This one is from my fab CT member, Elaine!  I just LOVE the ‘wanted’ poster!!! LOL! 

hutchie potofgold450

Here is a stunner sent to me from my sweet friend, Chris!  (Hutchie as many of you know her by…)  I adore the soft, magical feel to this one!  Thanks for playing with my kit gf!

jacki reunion-hike_web

This natural beauty was put together by Jacki!  So great how you’ve tucked your photo mat into the twine circle! 

Caryn CWC_NaturalMoods

Caryn put together this clean, gorgeous page!  Great focus on the main pic… and I love how you’ve included your journaling!

moninda beth2 word art by Natali design

Moninda sent me this lovely layout… beautiful as always!!!

marlene CT_BL_01

And this sweet page was created by the talented, Marlene!  (My newest CT member… woohoo!)

I have MORE… but I don’t want to drown you in layouts today!  LOL!  Don’t forget, that my kit is still at 25% off at the moment


AND AND AND… if you buy it before the end of the day this Saturday… you can receive this full 12 page brag book for FREE!  All you have to do is email my your invoice number and I will send you the link to download the whole set! Woohoo!


Hope you’re all having a good week so far… hopefully not dealing with fevers and things like we are here!  Tonight I am off to my friend’s house to tackle those butterfly cupcakes… so I’ll show ya what we come up with when they are done.  Oh… and I think we’re going to tackle some ‘creepy crawly’ bug themed ones as well!  Hopefully they will turn out ok.

Chat with ya soon!


Lainey said...

Hi Beth!!! Just dropped in for a quick peek at your blog!! Best wishes that your family gets better soon!

Kristine said...

Hi Beth!
Have fun making cuppycakes tonight!!!

Hope all the family gets to feeling better soon, you included! I'll have a few pina coladas for you to do my part in killing your cooties! :P

See ya when I get back!!! Wheeeeee!!
March Break here we come!

Ruth said...

Hi Beth! Just dropped in to send u a *hug* Hope kiddos will get well soon!

Satina said...

I know how bad it is when your kids run through the illness. And when you have four kids taking turns it feels like you are dealing with it forever! Hope you all get to feeling better again soon! I lvoe the layouts and your kit. Someday...someday!

GSCreations said...

Hi Beth!
You one hell of a talented lady!! Those Cupcakes are something else - havent seen anything like that here in my part of the world!!!
I hope your lil ones get better soon.

Your Kit and layouts are just BEAUTIFUL, I'm in awe!!

have a wonderful weekend

Caryn said...

Hey Beth :) We're all struggling with colds right now too :( Hope you guys feel better soon! mwah!

Lainey said...

Hi, Beth. Just dropped in to let you know I saw your comment on my blog about being tagged so I posted on my blog. HUGS! Lainey

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Beth -

I am sorry your kids are not feeling well. Kind of throws your schedule off too, right? Well, your family comes first and so our own plans seem to get re-ordered.

I'm just as glad you did not get time to make anything new yet - for these layouts are each and every one beautiful. Your kit lends itself PERFECTLY for the outdoor theme.

I pray its just a passing bug for the children, and I hope you get some me-time as well.

Wishing you a sunny day, inside and out, my friend.

~ Barb

LouCeeCreations said...
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LouCeeCreations said...

just removed that last comment... lord only knows what the keys were doing lol! talk about weird words haahaa.
I think I somehow typed the word verification in haahaa!
anyway what I was trying to say is
stunning layouts and my fave is the wanted poster! awesome!
ta-ra 4 now, heehee!

witsuebea said...

Hi Beth, Hope your brood gets well soon, it'll last till summer break if not.teehhee. Sorry for that couldn't help it. My brood were the same one after the other and usually at breaking up for hols time. still they do grow out of it, we used to call it new school syndrome as that is when it seemed most prevalent.
Much love for you and yours, many hugs too, sometimes you need them and cant get them for love nor money.
Regards XsueX