Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can I Blame Kim?

My friend, Kim B, was sick recently.... so can I blame her for my being sick today? LOL! (just kidding Kim!) Seriously though.... I feel cruddy. The freebie is going to have to wait.... but here are a few more pics from our trip:

I'm off to try and get some rest.... see ya soon. (I hope.)

Hugs, from Beth.


Amy said...

Wow, what a WONDERFUL trip! I want to hear all about it! It is fun to see all your great pictures. Cannot wait to see all your fun creative layouts with them. Hope you get feeling better soon! Take care!


Kim B said...

It's Bunny's fault- lol, she passed it to ME- and just been to docs too ( and you know I must be bad to actually GO-!)
Those pics are just toooo cute GF and I hope you feel better SOON!

sending chicken soup and hugs

Robie said...

Hi Beth!! I've tried finding your blogspot forever and I finally found it. I love all of your scrapbook pages. You are so talented!!