Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Do Kids Go To Jail?

My daughter cracks me up! We were on our way to dance class yesterday afternoon... and she suddenly realized that she had forgotten her dance shoes. (Only slightly important for dancing eh?) She pretty much had a panic attack and started moaning to herself, "Oh... I am in such TROUBLE!!!" (She knew I wasn't happy about it... LOL! It's so funny... I don't have to yell or anything with her.... I just have to give her that 'evil mommy glare' and she knows she's busted! Ha!)

Anyway.... she subsequently asks me if kids who get in big trouble go to jail. (I don't think that she actually thought that SHE would go to jail for forgetting tap shoes... she's just one of those 'serious thinker' types.) Another little girl I take to dance class with us in the car pipes up and says that she would want to go to jail cause they take care of you in prison and it would be great. My daughter then says that she wouldn't want to go.... cause they would force her to eat fruits and vegetables!!!! (What????!!!)

So my kids obviously have a skewed idea of what jail is like! Ha ha ha! Not only that... but I guess I don't make my kids eat enough fruits and veggies - I'm 'softer' on them than the jailer would be I suppose. LOL!

AND, AND, AND.... Big news: my 15 month old FINALLY reached a major benchmark yesterday - he took more than 3 steps without falling over!!!!! Yay!!!! I was beginning to wonder if he would EVER walk! So last night he had all kinds of fun walking around our TV room from couch to couch.... getting thunderous applause from us whenever he paused to make sure we were watching him. I'm so proud of him!

Here are my kids giving him a hug on the couch after one of his triumphant walks across the room... (and my older son is STILL obsessed with wearing his pirate hat! It's the Christmas gift that just keeps on giving!)

And I put parts of this frame together with more of the new gear from Kim Broedelet's new GRAB BAG. (Go get it.... go get it...)

And if ya like my frame, here ya go:

Download link:
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Enjoy! (And thanks for putting up with my random chatter about my kids.... ha ha! But that's my daily life - and they are so much fun.)


Anonymous said...

Your kids are beautiful. I enjoy hearing about children. I have 8 (4 mine & 4 step)but each 1 is special.I now have 26 grandkids and 16 grtgrandkids with 2 more on the way. They r sooo special. Enjoy each & every minute with them as time does fly by 2 fast.
Your design is beautiful. Thanks Dona

Anonymous said...

I remember clapping for first steps even if it was 27 years agao!! So here I am clapping for your little man!!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful frams.

Kim B said...

I made it- LOL. Sheee's between Wayne away,Nathan and cricket and getting his contacts ( which eventually took over an hour to get in!-LOL) I'm sitting peacefully at the puter this morning with my first cup of coffee-
LOVE LOVE LOVE your QP and frame- but then again I love ALL that you make- hee hee!
OH CONGRATS on the *walk*- I know when Nathan went off there was NO stopping him- he RAN, never walked and we were always in the Emergancy room getting stitches on his forhead or lips! hahahaha
Sending hugs

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I like it.
Anja, Germany

Denise said...
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Denise said...

Sorry, let me try this again!

Ah Beth, your mommy-look anecdote had me giggling. God, my son's 17 and he still becomes "different" when i give him a "look".

Here's a video of a baby who's learned how to give it back. He is hilarious. Yes, AfroAm mom's give looks that you'd better know/memorize, LOL.

Giving Back the Mommy Look!

NAME: dawn-in-nz said...

Nice blog Beth. I just wanted to let you know that Beth Nixon has another freebie plopper on her blog but it's only there until Friday so get cracking before you miss out!

Melissa said...

This is a great item. Thank you so much for sharing.

Marcy said...

Thank you very much for the beautiful frame!