Thursday, January 14, 2010

What’s New…

Eeek… how is it two weeks into the New Year already???!!!  Our holiday season FLEW by… with several trips to the coast to stay with my parents over stretches of time, a HUGE trip out to Florida to play at Disney World, a strange New Year’s where I severely hurt my neck (couldn’t even move much out of bed for a few days), teaching preschool, dance events, birthday parties, and a new weight loss attack plan put into play.  Phew! 

First of all, my first baby turned a decade old!!! Wowzas!!! Here she is at 10 weeks old:


And here she is at 10 years old at her birthday party… her grandma (my mom) came over to teach a bunch of her friends how to make Ukrainian Decorated Eggs!  It was so much fun!


Over the holidays, my sweet friend Mary was nice enough to snap some new family pics for me in her backyard… so here we all are:

Modified Fam 2-1 DSC_2452-1 family shots 

And then of course we went to Disney World… we had a blast (you can’t have a BAD time there really…) and loved the whole thing!  We even got picked while we were there to be part of a riverboat show… check us out with our silly costumes and tambourines:


We met tons of characters… here are a few:


And here are a couple of my favorite shots of the castle at night that I snapped… it’s so gorgeous with all of the lights!!!


We had Christmas since I blogged last too…


My kiddos love the Christmas ‘hat box’ over at my parents’ place!!!  And I guess now we have a sneak peek at what Tyler will look like as a very old man??? Hee hee hee…

Kaitlyn had the fun opportunity to dance at the halftime show at a Blazer game in Portland!!!  Here is her part of the dance team lined up along the logo on the court:


And here are the girls after the game (you can tell we had the nosebleed section seats) :


Well.. I’ll leave you with one more cute pic of my boys dressed up all ready for church… I can’t help but include it:


Ok… I promise to get back to my scrapping this week… Kim is probably getting ready to toss me out the window… argh!  And she has a great new grab bag up for sale right now too!!!


Grab it here at DSO or DSV

She even has a sampler over on her blog right now too – but if you know Kim, you know her work is ALWAYS AMAZING!!!  You’ll want to invest in her overlays… they are (in my humble opinion) wonderful.

Ok… signing off for now… will be back again soon!