Friday, May 23, 2008

Digi-Addict Turns Digi-Designer!

Yes.... all the rumors are TRUE! This 'digital scrapbooking addict' has turned 'digital scrapbooking designer!' Ha ha ha! Just when I thought I couldn't possibly spend more of my free time scrapping...

I am one of 6 new designers over at DSO. Keep an eye out for my new releases here on my blog and over in the store at DSO as well. I'm only going to be part time - I still have that minor detail of 4 kiddos to deal with. LOL! I am SOOOOO excited.... and I am already enjoying getting to know and work with the other wonderful designers over at DSO. So far, they are being incredibly helpful and friendly! (But Kim B. has threatened to 'terrorize' the newbies! So I guess I had better keep up my guard eh? Hee hee...)

Speaking of Kim.... she tagged me over on her blog.... but I will get to that in my NEXT post. Today, I wanted to share a couple of pics and layouts with ya.

Here are a couple of pics I took of my girls this week (just at the park and in our yard.)

And here are the pages I created with the pics of my pretty girls!

This layout was made with an AMAZING kit called 'I Believe' by Kim Broedelet and Bunny Cates. Check it out by clicking HERE - you will be in awe at the great gear included in this magical kit!

Here is a layout using Kim's latest GRAB BAG gear. (Another great CU bag like she always puts together... go get it!!! It's a steal of a deal!) I also used a few bits and pieces from some of her other kits.

And of course, I couldn't resist turning my layout into a quick page for you guys. I have to celebrate right???? I'm a DSO designer now! So I'm 'giving away gifts' from me and Kim. Ha ha ha!

Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

Hope you like it! Wish me luck in my new part time gig!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Just a quick post today..... I'm busy feeling spoiled and my husband is distracting me as I'm writing this by giving me an awesome neck massage! LOL!

Here are a few things to make you smile:

Don't you love this? It's soooooo true! There is NO such thing as an 'overpaid' mom right?

The one above here is for all those 'buff' manly, men in your life.... LOL!

The one above here just made me laugh!

And if you visit KIM'S BLOG today, you will have noticed LOTS of great freebies! One of them being a brag book set with some great Mother's Day word art. Well.... I thought I would offer my part of the set 'without' the word art as well.... that way you can use them with your 'non-Mother's Day' pics as well. These pages are made from some of my favorite Kim B. kits..... so I hope you enjoy them as well!

Here is the download link:

(This link has expired)

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!! Hope you are all getting pampered too!